Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids: Games, Food and Fun!

Monday, February 12, 2024
Looking for some fun Valentine's Day games and food? What do you think about throwing an impromptu Valentine's Day party? I'm sure the thought is causing collective gripes and sighs from moms everywhere, but hear me out. What if the games were quick and easy? What if the food was simple? Let's give it a try! And if you don't want to throw a party, these games and snacks are great on their own, too. They're perfect for the classroom or just plain indoor fun.

Believe it or not, you can throw an impromptu Valentine's Day party! These are easy, quick ideas for at home or in the classroom.

Valentine's Day Invitations

An impromptu Valentine's Day party means that not much planning is involved, so although you are free to invite the neighborhood, the idea is really simplicity. Have it just for your kids, or for a few family members (we had Grammy and Poppy come over). You can make paper invitations for your guests (yes, even for your own kids- think how fun it will be to stick them under their bedroom doors or leave them at the breakfast table). Or you can email invitations (I prefer the site PunchBowl, which works a lot like evites). If you have a planned party coming up (like a class party or something at school), these games and food ideas are equally quick and easy (just skip the invitations!).

Valentine's Day Games and Activities

You're going to need some games, so here are a bunch of suggestions. And before you think I'm crazy, I didn't do ALL of these in one party (although you can). These photos are from two years worth of parties at our house, so you can choose accordingly!

1. Coloring or Craft Station

You'll want to set up a few stations, but make everything simple and fun. I had one station of coloring/crafts (I printed coloring sheets from NickJr). And hey, this is a great place to add some adult coloring books of your own!

2. Sensory Bins  Then I made a sensory table as a center. I used simple things I could find around the house (mine was Berry Kix cereal, conversation hearts, construction vehicles and decorative hearts). You can use cotton balls, rice, corn, seeds, beans, etc. Don't be fooled- sensory bins aren't just for toddlers. Some older children really love the hands-on factor, too!

3. Pin the Tail on the Donkey: This was a stretch, but I found a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game in my party box in the basement, so I stuck a Valentine's Day sign on it and used paper hearts for the tail!

4. Balloon Pong: That basement party box is a lifesaver, since I found balloons in there, too. I blew up all of the red, pink and white ones. I taped plastic spoons to heavy paper plates and we played Balloon Pong.  

5. Cupid's Arrow: Another really simple game is 'Cupid's Arrow.' Take straws and blow Q-tips through them, trying to hit your target (our target was a bowl on the floor, which is a lot harder than it looks). We wound up just tossing the Q-tips, too, since that was a little easier.

6. Conversation Heart Stacking:  And finally, this was our favorite game of all. I had bought a few bags of conversation hearts for Valentine's Day anyway, so we used them to have a Heart Stacking Contest. I used chocolates for prizes (since I had plenty of those lying around, too- Kit Kats, Reeses hearts, you name it!).

And if you don't want to make it a competition, it's actually just fun to build with them, too.

Valentine's Day Snacks and Food Ideas

Another fun part of planning an impromptu Valentine's Day party is planning the menu. I bought some of those Mamma Mary's pre-made pizza shells and cut them into heart shapes, but you can use Pillsbury dough, english muffins, bagels, or whatever you have lying around. Everyone decorated their own pizza (I even cut the pepperoni into heart shapes!).

1. Mini Heart-Shaped Pizzas

2. Heart Shaped Twinkies

Dessert was even more fun.  I cut Twinkies into heart shapes (just cut Twinkies at a diagonal and piece the opposite ends together). They looked adorable, but The Jersey Momma's Boy wasn't a big fan of the taste.

3. Pinwheel Cookies

You can also serve cookies, rice krispie treats, or have everyone decorate their own cupcake or sugar cookie. We made these cookies using three bowls of dyed dough and then swirling them together in a pinwheel shape before we baked them!

Clean-Up is Easy!

Most of the things from your improptu Valentine's Day party can be thrown away. Almost all of it! So when the day is through, grab a garbage bag and dump everything (or put it back in that 'Party Box' if you have one of those!)

All of these games are fun just by themselves, too, so you can pass the time without throwing a big party if you really wanted to. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. So many cute ideas here. I really like the stacking contest with the conversation hearts.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! That game is always a hit, and now the conversation hearts are sold in different sizes, so that makes it even more fun!

  2. So many amazing ideas here. We bat around balloons all the time, but using spoons and paper plates is a great idea <3

  3. These are such fun ideas! I like the heart pizzas. I made one last year by making my own dough, but this looks much simpler.

  4. Super fun! I like the sensory bin! Cool ideas!


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