5 Summer Must-Haves: New and Fun Items for Summer and Beyond

Thursday, May 9, 2024
Summer is just around the corner (thank goodness!) and I found some fun new items to fill those lazy, hazy days (or hectic ones, whatever works!). These items are not just pool and yard items like most summer gift guides out there. Nope, I found a handful of goodies that you can use in various ways this summer- from travel items to indoor activities. If I've peaked your curiosity, scroll on to see what I found!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Some products were sent to me as samples, but I promise you I wouldn't feature items if I didn't totally love them myself! So rest assured, these suggestions all have The Jersey Momma stamp of approval! 

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Create a Colorful Summer Bucket List 

This Summer Bucket List tablecloth from Creative Crayon Workshop is the perfect way to kick off your summer adventures. Kids (and adults!) can decorate with crayons, markers or even paint. It's perfect for family fun, a party activity, group event, or just a day when you need to relax and chill as you color. Check out all of the awesome products available at CreativeCrayonsWorkshop.com
Jersey Momma Loves: This inspiring activity can be a tablecloth, poster, sign- what ever you choose to use it as. It's awesomely sized at 6x3ft and can be folded into a 10x14 inch package for easy storage (OR purchase it rolled so there aren't any creases!). High quality and comes from an awesome small business! Creative Crayons Workshop sells a variety of other coloring tablecloths and activities, some of which are personalized. Unique gift ideas, right??

Light Up Summer Evenings with Night Buddies

Night Buddies are award-winning stuffed animals with child-activated light-up eyes. With just a hug, squeeze, or step, Night Buddies illuminates in the dark and provides an extra level of comfort and companionship to children. They come in a variety of cute animal shapes and sizes. You can find Night Buddies on Amazon here.
Jersey Momma Loves: Night Buddies don't just glow, they illuminate softly like a little flashlight. They're totally soft and light with no bulky plastic or hard surfaces. They're also soft enough for a toddler to squeeze and illuminate on his/her own. 

Travel with SmartGames

IQ Gears from SmartGames is the travel game you've been looking for! Small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, suitcase or bag, IQ Gears has over 120 challenges and comes in it’s own carry case. There are 5 levels, from starter to "wizard," and it's recommended for ages 7 to adult. All you have to do is fit all of the gears on the game board. When you've done it correctly, the pieces will connect and the big wheels on the sides of the gameboard will spin together. You can find IQ Gears on Amazon or check the SmartGames website
Jersey Momma Loves: The teacher in me loves that this promotes cognitive skills, is self-led, and has a variety of levels. Even my teenager enjoyed this. It's even great to play at a dinner table or during long car rides. 

Have Comfy Summer Feet

Pillow Slides are my new favorite thing for summer. I was sent a trial pair, and believe me, I was skeptical. But I loved them so much that I signed on as an affiliate and even bought them for my whole family. They're so much better for your feet than flip flops! Don't let the name fool you- they're not mushy. These are on the firmer side but they're super comfortable. I like that they offer some support for the soles of your feet. They soften up somewhat over time, but I'm happy they didn't lose their shape and flatten out. They come in a variety of colors, too. Use code JERSEYMOMMA to get 10% off your order at PillowSlides.com or buy directly through Amazon. You can't use my promo code on Amazon, though, sorry (and beware of knock-offs!). The PillowSlides website also offers a wider variety of colors, but pricing may differ from Amazon. 
Jersey Momma Loves: they're super lightweight so you can throw them in a bag or suitcase on the go. They're also easy to rinse off and clean- great for getting wet by the pool or even walking on a sandy beach. If you're between sizes (half-size), size up!

Cook Up Some Party Food

The Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook brings the party right to your home. It contains tons of fun, easy recipes and full color photos. The recipes were super cute and even included links and themed ideas. It's hardcover, 128 pages, and would make a great gift for kids or even adults who love pop culture and 80's throwbacks. 
Jersey Momma Loves: I am not a fan of challenging cookbooks, and I love how simple these recipes were, and most contained ingredients that you'll already have in your pantry. I also loved that the recipes come with full-color photos. 

Happy Summer!!

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