enCourage Kids Foundation Launches New Bear with FAO Schwarz

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
FAO Schwarz is not just known for its abundant history of inspiring wonder and awe in kids of all ages, but also for its soft and cuddly teddy bears. Now they've teamed up with enCourage Kids Foundation to launch an adorable plush bear for a worthy cause. Read on for more details about this adorable plush teddy.

FAO Schwarz is proud to announce its exciting collaboration with enCourage Kids Foundation and the launch of a NEW adorable teddy bear. Together, FAO Schwarz and enCourage Kids have designed and created a new, high-quality plush Bear for enCourage Kid Foundation's Send a Smile, Send a Bear program. As one of enCourage Kids Foundation's cornerstone programs, they deliver stuffed animal Bears nationwide to help pediatric patients navigate the stress of treatment, illness, and hospitalization. It is a vital resource in supporting kids during painful procedures, long hours of waiting, and any time when they need a reassuring hug while away from the comforts of home. The Bear is also a powerful tool in fostering coping skills, preparing for medical procedures, and educating about diagnoses. Each Bear comes individually wrapped and sealed to meet the infection control standards in place at hospitals nationwide.

  enCourage Kids Foundation - Bear Clip - 2024 from enCourage Kids Foundation on Vimeo.

This collaboration is a tribute to the shared values and commitment to creating a better future for these brave boys and girls. Bringing comfort and warmth to children around the world, these bears are the perfect huggable companions. FAO Schwarz's new TEDDY will be available at the iconic FAO Schwarz store and FAO.com. It will retail for $45 and a portion of the proceeds will go to the enCourage Kids Foundation. Alternatively, if you would like to send a bear directly to a child in need, please visit:  https://encourage-kids.org/send-a-bear/

For nearly 40 years, enCourage Kids has invested upwards of $50 Million dollars to help medically challenged kids and their families face some of the most difficult moments of their lives. Bringing comfort and warmth to children around the world, these bears are the perfect huggable companions. More than 37,000 cuddly Bears have made their way into the arms of hospitalized children since the Send a Smile, Send a Bear program began in 2009. 

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