Tokyo Treat Box Review: Is This Subscription Box Worth It?

Saturday, February 3, 2024
I love a good subscription box, don't you? Clearly we're not alone, because there are even social media groups dedicated to 'subscription box addictions' and 'subscription box love.'  And if you're new to the subscription box world or you prefer ordering just one at a time, never fear! I just received a sample of Tokyo Treat and one of the things I loved about it was that you could just order monthly if you wanted to, with no commitment fear ('cancel anytime' always makes me feel more confident about ordering). Tokyo Treat is especially fun because it contains up to 20 limited edition or seasonal treats and snacks that are exclusively sold in Japan. What's so special about treats from Japan? Well, read on to find out (and don't forget to grab the Tokyo Treat promo code at the end of the post)! 

Disclosure: This Tokyo Treat box was sent to me as a sample for review purposes. But I loved it so much that I became an affiliate for Tokyo Treat (so this post contains affiliate links). But don't forget The Jersey Momma promise: I would never recommend something to you unless I totally loved it myself!! What would be the point of this blog if it was full o' lies? Just sayin. Honesty is what I'm about here.

About Tokyo Treat 

TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box that offers different monthly plans that you can choose. With each box, you'll get up to 20 exclusive, limited edition and seasonal flavored Japanese snacks that are only available in Japan. Learn more about TokyoTreat or order your own boxes by visiting their website

photo via Tokyo Treat

My Tokyo Treat Box: Is it Worth Buying?

I received the Be My Valentine Treat Box and it was chock full o' fun items from Japan. Shipping was fast and everything was well packed inside. A good thing to note is that these are not 'surprise' subscription boxes, meaning that you can look ahead on the Tokyo Treat website each month to see what will be inside your upcoming box. You can watch my unboxing video below to see exactly what was in the Be My Valentine box, or read the list here:

-Sweetheart Fruit Juice (I thought it was great that they included a beverage!)
-Sanrio Cutie Pie Donuts
-Caramel Taro Peanuts
-Spicy Ramen
-Corn Potage Puffs
-Bake Chocolate Snacks
-Umami Potato Crisps
-Strawberry Shortcake Kit Kats
-Dark Chocolate 60% Cacao Bars
-Pokemon Sweetheart Candies 
-Strawberry Milk Candies
-Happy Turn Rice Crackers
-Strawberry Wheat Puffs
-Spicy Chili Tomato Chips
-Cola Bubble Candy

Unboxing My Tokyo Treat Box

Check out my unboxing video from You Tube. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel while you're at it. You never know what I'll post next!


What I Loved About Tokyo Treat Box

Items and Flavors: I love all things Japanese so this box was a dream come true for me. I thought this was a great selection of items and there were a lot of items inside the box. There was a good balance of salty/sweet/candy, and they even included a beverage. For salty treats, my favorite item in the box was the bag of Spicy Tomato Crisps (kind of like a mildly spicy ketchup flavored chip). For sweet, I loved the Cutie Pie Donuts, but maybe I'm biased because I'm such a huge Sanrio fan. 

Price and Shipment Options: I watched several other Tokyo Treat unboxing videos and you can even find price comparisons online, which helps you see that purchasing a Tokyo Treat box is actually cheaper than trying to find and buy all of the items individually (which you would have a hard time doing here in the United States anyway). I also liked that they offer various subscription choices, like 3, 6 or 12 month plans. If you don't want to commit, you can pay monthly and cancel anytime. They do offer a lot of promo codes online if you search around social media, or check out my promo codes at the bottom of this post. 

Booklet: I loved the colorful little booklet included with the box. I didn't have to guess what I was eating and I loved the added cultural facts and photos in the booklet, too.

What I Didn't Love About Tokyo Treat Box

There actually wasn't much I didn't love about this Tokyo Treat Box. Sure, I wish it was a few bucks cheaper, but in reality, this box is fairly priced for what you get. I've actually tried other Japanese treat boxes from different companies before and this one was the best I've tried between selection, quality of the box itself, and the included booklet. I wish the shipping was included with the price, but there is an added shipping charge that varies based on where you live. One last gripe is that the box that you get is the box it was actually shipped in, meaning it doesn't arrive inside another box. It's a pretty sturdy box, though, as you can see in my video.

Is Tokyo Treat Box Worth It?

Truthfully, there are a ton of items in the box. I researched this the best that I could and I found out that it's actually cheaper to purchase a Tokyo Treat box than to try to find and buy all of these items individually. Since many of these items are exclusive to Japan, seasonal or limited edition, they would be particularly challenging to find in the United States anyway. So my conclusion...if you're looking for a fun and unique treat box or gift box, or just a fun subscription box for yourself, then YES I do believe Tokyo Treat Box is worth it!!

photo via tokyo treat

Gifting Tokyo Treat Boxes

I actually think giving Tokyo Treat Box as a gift is one of the best options here! This is a unique and fun gift idea that you can give to anyone who appreciates new and different snacks. There are various options for monthly subscriptions so you can choose what's best for the person you're sending to.  

photo via tokyo treat

Tokyo Treat Promo Code

You can get your own Tokyo Treat box (or order one for someone special) here. And use one of these fabulous promo codes, too:
Use code PIKALOVE to get extra Japan-exclusive Pokemon Valentine's treats for free (code valid till 2/15/24), 
or use code SUPERBOWL to get extra snacks on your 1st box purchase (code valid till 2/12/24).

Stay Connected

Find out more info, order your own box, or check out some of their past and upcoming boxes through the links below:

Website: TokyoTreat

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