Fun Ways to Gift NJ Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets: DIY Ideas

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Looking for a gift the adults on your list will love? Try New Jersey Lottery’s new Holiday Scratch-Offs, four festive tickets jam-packed with over $41 million in prizes! With top prizes from $500 to $500,000, New Jersey Lottery holiday Scratch-Offs are a fun gift that could keep on giving! Why not gift a little scratch-off magic this season? Read on to see some of the top prizes that New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs offer, as well as some creative DIY ways to present them.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by NJ Lottery but all opinions are entirely my own.
You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it's only a game...remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER®. For more information visit New Jersey Lottery

The New Jersey Lottery has some exciting holiday scratch-offs available this season. Top prizes range from $500 to $500,000. Take a look at some of the tickets you can gift to the special adults in your life! They're easy to pick up while you shop, too. 

$1 – Sleigh Bills:
Top prize: $500

$2 – Snow Me the Money
Top prize: $10,000

$5 – Peppermint Payout
Top prize: $200,000

$10 – Winter Wishes
Top prize: $500,000

Creative Ways to Gift NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs

Photo Card Holders

It's easy to tuck a NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off into any holiday card or present. They're great gifts for the special adults on your list, like postal carriers, co-workers, family members, and friends. 
Did you know that photo holder cards make great holders for scratch-off tickets? Some scratch-off tickets fit inside a photo frame card, so you can pop the tickets into the card instead of a photo. Here are some fun phrases you can include with your tickets:

I hit the jackpot working with you!
We hit the jackpot having you as our postal carrier!
With lots of luck and Christmas cheer, let's hope this ticket makes your year!
Ho, ho, ho! Hope you win some dough!
Sending you holiday wishes and maybe some lottery riches...
Here's hoping you dream big this holiday season!
Wishing you fun and surPRIZES this Christmas!

Stocking Stuffers

NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off tickets obviously make great stocking stuffers, that goes without saying. But tie them to a candy cane or favorite candy bar so they can pop out of the stocking even more! Now that's a sweet treat!

Advent Calendar Surprise

NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off tickets are fun additions to adult advent calendars. Pop them into an advent calendar box or envelope and your recipient could win big!

Lucky Ornaments

Even if you're not crafty, you can grab some clothespins and add NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off tickets to your tree. This is definitely a fun surprise to wake up to on Christmas morning! If you don't celebrate Christmas, consider making a 'money tree' out of a small plant the same way!

DIY: Lucky Scratch-Off Garden

You can create a winter scratch-off garden with just a few supplies and your NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off tickets. Tell your loved one that you hope they'll "Grow a Fortune!"

What You'll Need:

-floral craft foam (you can find this at any craft store or wherever they sell silk flower supplies)
-bamboo skewers
-scotch tape
-paper/markers OR Christmas/holiday cards for the sign
-fiberfill or cotton for the snow
-pins (for adding sign to the base)

Tape your scratch-off cards to the bamboo skewers. You can color (or paint) the skewers green and red, too, if you prefer.  Add your holiday sign (or cut out phrases from a recycled Christmas card if you're not too crafty). This can actually be stuck to the floral foam with straight pins- easy peasy!  Scatter the fiberfill (or cotton balls) over the top of the craft foam so it looks like snow. Now you have a lucky winter garden!

No matter how you choose to gift your New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs, they’re sure to be a hit with the fun-seeking adults in your life! 

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