Organic Valley Milk: Review and Milkshake Recipe

Friday, November 18, 2022
Is there really a taste difference between organic milk and regular milk? Thanks to Moms Meet and Organic Valley, I was able to sample some of Organic Valley's organic 2% and organic whole milk.  I was really curious if I'd notice a difference in how it tasted or even how long it lasted in my fridge. Read on to see what I found out!

Disclosure:  I received Organic Valley milk free thanks to Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided but all opinions are honest and my own.

I was excited to try Organic Valley milk because we are a milk-loving family. I worked on a produce farm all through high school and college, so I know about the values that many family-owned farms work to uphold. These days, so much of what we eat is processed or frozen. I've read stories about the horrific conditions that animals suffer through in factories and corporate-run facilities, and I don't want to continue supporting businesses that mistreat their animals.  I'm also concerned about the amount of hormones that we consume in our foods. So sampling Organic Valley was an exciting prospect for me.

About Organic Valley Milk

First, let me tell you some facts about Organic Valley milk that I l earned about from their website:
-It has a rich, creamy taste (even my husband and son noticed that our regular milk was more watery)
-It contains 13 essential nutrients
-It's certified organic
-It contains NO toxic pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or GMOs.
-It goes through 57 quality checks (yes, 57!)
-A half gallon of Organic Valley whole milk typically retails for $4.99, and a gallon of Organic Valley whole milk typically retails for $6.29

They also offer a ton of different options for milk choices. In addition to whole, 2%, 1% and fat free skim,  Organic Valley offers chocolate, lactose free, grass milk, and buttermilk.

About Organic Valley and Their Cows

And because I think it's important to know, here are some facts about Organic Valley and their cows:
-Organic Valley is a farmer owned cooperative, not a corporation. That means the 1,800 small organic family farms that are a part of the cooperative also own the business.
-Organic Valley cows are well cared for and get to exhibit their natural behaviors like grazing, foraging and even playing in pastures. 
-Organic Valley cows spend 50% more time outside on pasture than average USDA organic standards require. 

Why Organic?

Organic farms are certified and held to high standards. Organic Valley has generations of farming wisdom under their belts, plus, they know the latest science on regenerative agriculture to produce the healthiest products. So that means no artificial hormones, no pesticides, no antibiotics, no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, and no fillers. As a mom I feel like this is super important! My son is still growing and I want what's best for his health and nutrition, not to mention, I could use a lot less junk in my diet!

Does Organic Valley Milk Taste Better Than Non-Organic Milk?

Hands down, yes. It's creamier, tastier and even had a longer shelf life than the non-organic milk in our fridge. If I'm going to make a positive nutritional change for my family, this is it. There's nothing like sitting down to breakfast- hot oatmeal, some cinnamon toast, and a glass of cold milk that I know is better for me! And it's pretty darned good for dunking cookies in, too, just sayin. I know the price is a little more than what we're used to paying, but seriously, our health is worth it, and I can cut out some other junk food from our grocery list to balance out the cost. 

Easy Vanilla Milkshake for One: Momma's Organic Valley Special

Since I loved Organic Valley milk so much, I decided to whip up a little recipe for an easy milkshake. So here's what you'll need to do to make Momma's Organic Valley Special!

This recipe is designed for a personal blender (like blendjet), but you could probably double it in a regular blender for larger quantities. 

You Will Need

1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 cup Organic Valley milk (you can use 2% or whole, depending on preference)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional if you want a stronger vanilla flavor)

Combine all ingredients in your personal blender and blend for one cycle or till desired consistency. Enjoy!

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