4 Top Options for Party Pleasing Snacks

Monday, September 12, 2022
Every party needs some party snacks, but figuring out which ones to serve can be complicated. If you’re the party host, you'll be busy greeting and entertaining your guests, so you certainly won't want to stress over the food. Never fear, with these few simple party-pleasing snack options, you'll have delicious menu ideas for all of your future parties. They’re simple to make, too, so you can focus on other parts of the party-planning process instead of fretting about the food.

photo via Unsplash, E. Vittoriosi

4 Top Options for Party Pleasing Snacks

1. Meatballs

Using both beef and pork, meatballs are surprisingly easy to make. All you need to do is ground them up, wrap them in a ball, and leave them to cook for a little while. This can be done on stove top, oin the oven, or even in a crock pot. You can easily freeze and reheat meatballs before a party or the night before. Serve with sauce on the side or mixed in, and add some colorful toothpicks for a party-pleasing option!

photo via Unsplash, Gamze Turker

2. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is a trendy new option to serve at parties and there are more than a few recipes for beef jerky you can choose from. Picking a few of them will mean your guests have multiple options to choose from. They're easier to make than you think, and they're better when made right before the party.

3. Sausage Rolls

What’s not to love about sausage rolls? Quick and easy to make, they’ve been a party staple for as long as anyone can remember. They only require a few ingredients to make, and they're available in multiple sizes. Sausage rolls can also be made (or purchased) ahead of time and frozen, so you would just have to reheat them a few hours before serving. 

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4. Steak & Cheese Quesadilla

Melted cheese, tender beef, and a tortilla wrap- who could pass it up? With a bit of quick prep and cooking time, you’ll have these ready in a heartbeat. One of the best things about a steak and cheese quesadilla is that you can cook them in advance and freeze them until party time. With a simple reheat, you’ll have them ready for the party, and freezing them shouldn’t affect the flavor. Getting these done a few days before the party means you don’t need to run around cooking right beforehand.

Wrapping Up

There are countless simple snacks that’ll please at any party. Since these take up relatively little time to make, you’ll be free to focus on the other aspects of your party planning. Why let the food cause stress when it doesn’t need to be stressful? With some beef jerky, steak and cheese quesadilla, some sausage rolls, and even a few meatballs, you can make sure everyone at the party has something they’ll enjoy!

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