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Thursday, May 26, 2022
Years ago I visited Flemington Dream Dinners and completely fell in love with it (you can read my full review of the experience here). And I can honestly tell you that they were lifesavers during the pandemic lockdown, and helped to provide safe and healthy meals for the community (especially my family!). The Flemington, New Jersey location is celebrating their 15th anniversary (yay, Flemington DD!!) and they're offering a promo code to celebrate! Read on!

Disclosure: I am a HUGE fan of Dream Dinners Flemington already, so they reached out to me in hopes that I could share my enthusiasm with you. In exchange for helping them to promote their 15th anniversary, I was offered fabulous Dream Dinners meals in exchange. And as I always say, I would never encourage you to try something if I didn't totally love it myself.

Not only does Dream Dinners help you make easy and healthy meals for your family, but they're also great for vacations when you want to bring meals with you (like the shore!), busy sports and activities nights, anyone in need (illnesses or inability to make/plan meals), unexpected guests, special events, and so much more!

inside Flemington Dream Dinners

How Does Dream Dinners Work?

Are you wondering how Dream Dinners works? It's super easy. View their monthly menu online, choose your meals, select a time for pick up (or home delivery) and complete your order. The shopping, chopping, prep and clean up are taken care of by Dream Dinners. Thaw your meals each week, cook as directed, and enjoy! I have eaten many Dream Dinners meals and I can attest that they are delicious. I absolutely love that all of the vegetables are chopped and ingredients are ready to go. You still feel like you're doing the cooking (but without all the hard work). 

pictured: Dream Dinners chicken egg roll bowl and summer grilled pizza pesto chicken 

pictured: turkey meatballs in garlic butter sauce via Dream Dinners

Meal Prep Starter Pack Promo Code 

To celebrate Flemington Dream Dinner's15th anniversary, new guests can use coupon code GETSTARTED to receive $15 off of a meal prep starter pack (normally $99) and give Dream Dinners a try! This promo code is valid for new guests and guests that have not attended a Dream Dinners session in more than 12 months. Valid at the Dream Dinners Flemington location only.

With the Meal Prep Starter Pack, you can get up to six family-style meals for just $99. Choose store pick up or have us deliver directly to your home (Dream Dinners Flemington is currently NOT charging a Made for You assembly fee since all meals are "made for you" at this time - pick-up or home delivery only).

Get started by visiting their website: Dream Dinners Flemington

Some June Favorites:

Texas Roadhouse Burgers
Summer Grilled Pesto Chicken Pizza
Peach Bourbon Chicken with Almond Green Beans
Sonoma Grilled Steaks
Chicken Egg Roll Bowl 
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches with Crispy Shoestring Fries

New in June:

Vegetable con Queso Enchiladas *Dream Dinners now offers one vegetarian option each month! 
Turkey Meatballs in a Garlic Butter Sauce over Orzo Pasta 
Ham, Pea & Cheddar Quiche 

pictured: vegetable con queso enchiladas via Dream Dinners

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