Self Care 101: How to Protect Your Hair While Traveling

Thursday, April 28, 2022
Are you ready to travel again? Now that you have your bags all packed and your trip planned and ready, be sure to take care of yourself, too! Every globetrotter knows that traveling holds immense nourishing benefits for the soul and mind. But what about the hair? Unfortunately, maintaining healthy and gorgeous hair can be pretty difficult while you go about your travel activities. Think of it— you expose your hair to a variety of elements. That refreshing dip in beautiful seawater affects your hair; constant exposure to the sun, dirt, and humidity can also wreak havoc on your hair health when you travel. The last thing you want is to spend your vacation dealing with bad hair days or wasting too much time (and money) in hair salons. So, do you want to avoid dull, unhealthy, and frizzy-looking hair when you travel? Here are some easy ways to maintain and protect healthy hair on the go. 

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Use Serums Before You Style Your Hair

Many people visit the salon to style their hair before setting off on their trips. This is understandable, as you want to look good and take all the beautiful selfies you want. But before you style your hair, it is important to apply a serum. This is especially important if you often rely on a curling iron or a straightener. The serum should keep your hair protected when straightening or curling it. Serums are also helpful if you have naturally curly hair, as they control the frizz while keeping your hair glossy and manageable. Using serums is particularly important if you’re traveling to locations with a lot of dust and humidity, as they can also protect your hair from these harsh elements. So when visiting the salon before your trip, don’t forget to take some serum with you or ask that some be applied to your hair. 

Keep Your Hair Moisturized Throughout a Long Flight

If you’re expecting to spend several hours on the plane en route to your travel destination, keep your hair thoroughly moisturized throughout the flight. Most airplanes have cold air in constant circulation when in flight. This can suck the moisture out of your hair, leaving it looking dull and dry when you arrive at your destination. While drinking a lot of fluids may help, try adding natural oils to your hair before you board your plane. Natural oils provide an instant moisturizing effect and can keep your hair looking radiant and healthy throughout your trip.
On the other hand, jet lag can lead to increased oil production from the scalp. This happens when a change in time zone affects the body’s natural circadian rhythm. So, be careful when picking hair moisturizers, as the ones with harsh chemicals can do more damage to your hair health during your flight. 

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Stick to Stylish Yet Practical and Comfortable Hairstyles

One of the easiest ways to avoid having a bad hair day on your trip is to opt for stylish yet comfortable and practical hairstyles that are easy to manage. The less complicated your hairstyle is, the less time you’ll waste taking care of it. And that means you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your trip instead of always searching for a local hair salon near you. But, of course, you want to look your best for your vacation selfies, so make sure the hairstyles you pick remain stylish and chic. Many people with long hair consider updos a great option, as they don’t get messed up easily and do not get in your way. Also, they’re great for hot, humid weather, as they can keep you cool. And if you have curly hair, you can look up some curly haircuts and styles that are trendy and yet simple to manage during your trip. 

Wash Your Hair One Day Before Your Trip

If you need to wash your hair before your trip, it’s advisable to do it one day before your trip, not on the same day you’re leaving. That’s because washing your hair on the same day you’re traveling means your hair will most likely attract dust particles, which can dry out your hair in addition to the other forms of air pollution you may encounter. So, be sure to plan your hair wash appointment one day before travel day. 

Limit the Chemicals and Heat

If you’re traveling for an extended period, you might want to avoid harmful chemicals in hair products and heat. The more harmful chemicals there are in the hair products, the easier it is for those chemicals to penetrate your hair shaft. This can cause some irreversible damage, especially when you leave the hair product on for too long. If you don’t expect to have enough time to visit salons during your trip, it’s best to stay away from hair products with harsh chemicals. Try looking for more organic hair products instead. It also helps to stay away from heat as much as possible, as it always causes some damage to the hair. 

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Having Dry Shampoo Can Help

If you don’t have enough time to visit hair salons during your trip just to wash your hair, having some dry shampoo can prove very beneficial. Dry shampoo can easily turn a bad hair day into a good one without the hassle of finding a full wash and waiting while you blow-dry your hair. And if you have locks, dry shampoo can easily cleanse your scalp from oil while nourishing and volumizing your locks in the process. Plus, all you need is a thin layer of dry shampoo distributed evenly across your scalp to get it feeling clean and looking great. 

Don’t Forget Your Hair Accessories

Carrying hair accessories with you is a great way to protect your hair from the harsh elements when you travel. Your hat, cap, scarf, headband, etc., can help keep your hair perfectly organized and protected from dust, sun rays, and dry air that can cause damage to your hair. Aside from that, picking beautiful, trendy, and chic hair accessories means that you can easily enhance your overall look while on the road. Also, you can easily hide a bad hair day under a fancy hat until you find a salon. 

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