The Evolution of Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Costumes are a pretty big deal, aren't they? Whether it is a themed School Spirit Day or the festive season, most of us love to dress up! But there is one occasion that always calls for a crazy outfit, and that's Halloween. When choosing a fun Halloween costume, there are so many different options available. So let's take a look at icons from different eras that inspired some of the most popular Halloween costumes today. 

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The first place to begin is the witch- a Halloween costume that never fails. This outfit can be dated back to the 17th century when people started to fear the supernatural, and many people were put to death because they were accused of witchcraft. The pirate is our next source of inspiration, which came a century later when many young men chose a life on the high seas. Every Halloween we see costumes with hooks for hands and eye patches. Although not scary, the cowboy costume is one we see often, and can easily be made frightful with a bit of pale make-up and fake blood. The inspiration for this comes from the 19th and 20th century, with the cowboy being an icon of Old Western America. 

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Let’s move to more recent times, with many people opting for pop culture favorites. Avatar characters and the Mad Hatter were popular choices in 2010 while Wolverine and Twilight characters were present at every party throughout 2009. Several years before this, you’d spot Spartans and Jack Sparrow every Halloween. People often want to dress as their favorite characters.

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Top Five Halloween Costumes For Kids

If you search the internet, you'll see that there are plenty of options when it comes to Halloween costumes for kids. A vampire outfit is one that never fails when it comes to Halloween costumes, and this is something a lot of little boys love, as they enjoy running around pretending to be a vampire and sucking people’s blood, especially when they get to wear plastic fangs. Other kids prefer to save the day, rather than be the scary villain, which is why superhero costumes are exceptionally popular. There is everyone from Batman and Thor to Superman and Iron Man to choose from. 

image cred: H Phelps, Unsplash

What about girls' costumes? As mentioned, the witch’s outfit is a classic, and it's a Halloween costume that many girls choose because they can wear scary face paint and a colorful wig. For those who don’t want to go as something frightful, a fairy or a princess is a good option. After all, what little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess?  If you are purchasing for a young child, whether a boy or girl, one costume that is extremely adorable is the pumpkin outfit. Your children may not thank you for it when they grow up and look at the photographs, but seeing a baby or toddler dressed as a pumpkin is enough to make anyone’s heart melt! 

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