Explorer Academy Book Series Takes Readers on an Epic Adventure!

Thursday, February 18, 2021
I'm so excited to tell you about the Explorer Academy Book Series from author Trudi Trueit. My son and I read the entire series together, and it is one of our absolute favorites! Read on for more info about the book, a coupon code, and info about how you can win the entire book series on my social channels!

Disclosure: I received the Explorer Academy series from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) in exchange for an honest review. Compensation was provided and this post may contain affiliate links. But what do I always say? I would never recommend something to you unless I totally loved it myself, and The Explorer Academy Series gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from my family!

Series Summary

I'm always in search of a good book series for tweens (this one is recommended for ages 8-12), and Explorer Academy from National Geographic Kids is a great new find! Author Trudi Trueit introduces us to 12-year old Cruz Coronado. Adventure, danger, and a thrilling global mission await Cruz when he joins an elite school for explorers. Cruz leaves behind his home in Hawaii to begin a new and exciting educational adventure with a diverse group of friends who help him uncover the secrets in his family's past. 

While at Explorer Academy, Cruz discovers that his late mother was involved in mysterious, dangerous activities due to her research. In between trying to complete his school assignments (which consist of traveling, virtual reality, submarines and other amazing tasks!) Cruz also has to deal with a strange organization that seems to be after him. Cruz is a lovable character because he's imperfect. He makes mistakes and even poor decisions at times, but he also has a big heart- he loves his family and his friends, and he wants to do his best while at the academy. 

About National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a name I know and trust as a parent. When you pick up a National Geographic Kids book, you know it's going to be good, right? The Explorer Academy series is no exception. National Geographic Kids has been inspiring kids to love and explore the world (and the universe!) for generations with their award winning books, magazines, websites, television series, apps, games, puzzles, and more. Each book in the Explorer Academy series incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and geography concepts into the storyline. As a former teacher, I can tell you that they're a great classroom addition, too, since there are so many ways you could link these books to current curriculums.

About the Explorer Academy Series

The Explorer Academy series by Trudi Trueit is a fact-based fiction series inspired by real-life adventures of National Geographic explorers. Each book has a section in the back called 'Truth Behind the Fiction' which profiles real explorers and their work, and shows parallels to the book. The series features diverse characters and incorporates important values such as kindness, friendship, loyalty, perseverance, and trust. Purchasing books in the series helps to support the exploration, research and conservation projects of the National Geographic Society.

About the Books: Where to Purchase

As of the publication date of this entry, there are five books in the Explorer Academy series. Titles available include:

Book 1 - The Nebula Secret
Book 2 - The Falcon's Feather
Book 3 - The Double Helix
Book 4 - The Star Dunes
Book 5 - The Tiger's Nest (this is the newest in the series, 

Each book is beautifully illustrated in color, and even the covers are appealing and mysterious. The Explorer Academy series, including The Nebula Secret (Book 1), is available to purchase at Amazon.com, shopdisney.com, and most local/independent bookstores.
EXCLUSIVE OFFER JUST FOR YOU: I'm so sure you'll love the Explorer Academy series that I'm sharing this special offer with you. You can get 50% off the first book, The Nebula Secret. Click here to use special code 50OFFEA1 on Amazon. Offer valid 1/18/21 through 3/19/21 or while supplies last.

Final Note: Why I Love the Explorer Academy Series 

My son is 12 and we read the Explorer Academy series together (yes, together! We both read it so we could discuss. It's like our own private book club). As a former teacher and current momma, here's what I love about this series:

-filled with fun and mystery that keeps the reader interested
-characters are diverse and likable (Emmett is my favorite character- I loved his emoto glasses)
-color illustrations throughout, as well as short chapters (this is great for reluctant readers!)
- real life facts about the world are incorporated throughout, encouraging a love of exploration and scientific discovery.

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