10 Ways to Help Your Kids Beat the Winter Blues

Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Sometimes it feels like Winter is eternal. As soon as the holidays end, January can seem very long and boring, especially when you're a kid. Factor in a pandemic when traveling is limited, and things can get downright depressing! So I've come up with a list of 10 ways you can beat the winter blues, without having to worry about Covid. 

Find more fun ideas for Winter and Valentine's Day in my 'Winter and Valentine's Day Fun' Tab on my homepage!

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1. Make an Indoor Balloon Playground

Grab some latex balloons and start blowing! Balloons can be a simple source of fun for all ages, and educational, too! Check out this post from my friends at Mommy University about how to make balloon play a learning experience, or view my party post to see a fun game of balloon pong in action. Want to save yourself the trouble? The Luxe Life Event Design can deliver a bag of balloons right to you, in tons of fun shapes and sizes (and they last for weeks!!). They'll even include a guide of fun activities for you to use them with. 

2. Attend a Virtual Escape Room

You night not feel safe attending an in-person escape room session right now, so Printable Escapes has you covered with their Pirate's Quest At-Home Escape. You can order an at-home escape kit and get those brains in gear! The kit is designed for ages 10-14, but kids 8 and up could participate with assistance (and honestly, it was fun for adults, too). Think you're ready to tackle the real thing? Check out my post about our experience at The Other Tales Escape Rooms and see how we did! 

3. Hold a Neighborhood Safari

It's actually really easy to hold an outdoor neighborhood 'safari' if you use my handy tutorial and free printables in this post. If you're not comfortable having the kids out in the neighborhood or the weather is too cold, no problem! Hold the same 'safari' indoors or in your own yard! 

4. Throw an Impromptu 'Party' 

You don't need to throw a BIG party for a CROWD. You can actually hold a party for your very own family. Create digital invitations, have special party food and games- it's not as hard as you think! I wrote a whole post about how to throw an impromptu Valentine's Day party, using items from around your home. It's an easy way to have something to look forward to. Want to go BIGGER and plan a mini party for your family, without all the work? Let's Party Wright can actually set up and clean up "mini" parties for you, like an outdoor hot cocoa bar or a socially distant surprise party.

5. Make One Plan a Week

I know there are people out there reading this list, thinking, I just can't. Honestly, I feel you. Lately my motivation is gone and my energy is out the window. So if coming up with plans and creating parties isn't for you, try simplifying it. Promise yourself that each week you will make one plan. That plan can be as simple as getting take-out, walking in the park, visiting an orchard, riding bikes, or going to the Dunkin Donuts drive-through. Since the pandemic began, all of our worlds have shrunk. Sometimes just making that plan to do one thing makes a big difference. 

6. Schedule a Movie Night 

I know movie nights may seem a bit cliché, but these days, brand new movies are streaming right at home. You can make a movie night a bit more exciting by creating pretend tickets, setting up a snack bar, or watching the movie with other friends on ZOOM. 

7. Find a Car Wash

Remember those old-school car washes that you could drive through? Many kids these days have never seen one. I was excited to hear that there are still quite a few left in The Garden State, and as lame as you think it sounds, taking the kids to the car wash accomplishes two goals- you get a clean car and you get entertainment for a little while. It's a win-win! Check out Streamline Car Wash in Rockaway (home of the Volcano Wash!) or find one near you.

Volcano Foam is green for St. Patty's Day! Photos property of Streamline Car Wash (via Facebook)

8. Hold an Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

Holding an indoor scavenger hunt requires some planning, but not much. To make it easy, create a list of household items for your kids to retrieve, such as a toilet paper roll, paper clips, a pillowcase, a tissue box, or pantry items. Divide the kids into teams or have them work individually to find the items, but make sure your instructions are clear (i.e., no bothering mom or dad for help, return all items where you found them when done, etc.). Don’t forget to designate a central location for kids to bring the items as they find them. Need a prize for the winners? How about some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows or first dibs for movie night choices?

9. Change Your Scenery

I know winter isn't always the best time to go on an outdoor adventure, but if you pick a particularly sunny day and bundle up, you'll find that it's not so bad out there! But where to go? Well, for starters, anywhere. Many of us have been sitting in the same places for almost a year now. Whether you're attending ZOOM classes or working from home, don't you find that your scenery each day is pretty much the same? So pack it up! Head to Sandy Hook for the day or a state park. Find a nature trail or take a hike. If that all seems like too much, keep it simple. Visit your local farm (such as Alstede's or Brookhollow's Barnyard) or take a walk in your own neighborhood. You'd be surprised how much a change in scenery will improve your mood. Here are some links that might help:

10. Start a Book Club

You don't need a lot of participants to start your own Book Club. You can decide to read the same book as a family, or just grab a few friends to discuss your book pick with. Meet in person or via Zoom to talk about the story, or select a fun meeting point like a donut shop or the library. If you're looking for reading suggestions, check out a slew of selections in my Book Tab! I have recommendations for every age group!

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