10 Fun Educational Toys for Kids: Games for Remote Learning, Homeschooling and Classroom Picks!

Thursday, October 1, 2020
There are so many educational games and toys on the market these days, it can be hard to choose! Whether your child is remote learning, homeschooled or simply looking for some fun learning games to play at home, I've got you covered! Take a look at some of my favorite picks this Fall! 

Disclosure: I received some of these games as samples in order to bring you this review, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon, which you can read more about on my Disclosure page. I am an Amazon affiliate, but I also support local business, so if you visit a local toy shop or learning store, please support them and look for these games on their store shelves!

I was an elementary school teacher for over ten years and I also write for The Toy Insider Parent Panel. I specialize in educational toys! So be sure to Pin this post for later, because you can never have too many learning games!

1. Scholastic Math Match Dice and Card Game - University Games

Scholastic has been a trusted name in education for years (and University Games is equally known for their quality and creativity). I would honestly have been lost without them in my classroom! From their book clubs to their online resources to all of their amazing teaching supplements, they're THE name to trust.  Math Match Dice and Card Game (available at Barnes and Noble) is the ultimate mental Math Match. Players add, subtract, multiply, or divide score cards to get the closest Math Match to the target dice. Recommended for ages 5-12, for 1-4 players. 

Why I like it: this is the perfect game to use as an educational center in a classroom. The easy instructions and fun pace make it perfect for independent game play (meaning, kids shouldn't need to ask you for help!). I also like that kids can play it alone or with partners.

2. Scholastic Race Across the U.S.A. - University Games

In Race Across the USA, players race across the country to be the first to visit six states, answer geography questions, then get back to their home states to win the game. Players can use the game board for clues to answer questions and win state cards. One of the best things about it? Questions are geared to each player's own grade level, so kids 8 and up from different grades can play together on an even field. That makes it pretty perfect for remote learning and homeschooling, doesn't it? Race Across the U.S.A. is available on Amazon or at the Scholastic online store. Recommended for ages 8-12, for 2-4 players. 

Why I like it: I don't just like it, I love it! I wish I had this in my classroom when I was teaching! This is the perfect way to teach kids about the United States in a fun and interesting way. The ability to play with kids of various ages and levels is a real plus.

3. Geomag Gravity Challenge

If you're looking for a fun STEM toy, Geomag Gravity Challenge combines precision, timing and dexterity. It's a great way for kids to learn about physics and have fun while doing so. Kids can construct and combine the forces of magnetism to build and create. In addition to classic magnetic bars and steel balls, there are also mechanical elements to it, which expand building possibilities. Some parts are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions generated by the attraction and repulsion of the magnets. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Why I like it: I love that this inspires an interest in STEM and kids can literally see how physics work- it's fun to witness how the magnets can push the balls. Plus, it's cool to make a miniature cannon!! 

4. Colorful Crystal Lab - Thames and Kosmos

With the Colorful Crystal Lab, kids can grow a variety of colorful crystals using safe, non-toxic crystal salts. There are several things that kids can do with this set, including making a crystal volcano on a paper cone, watching long spindly crystals form on a rock, growing crystals in a petri dish, and so much more. It's a great way for kids to experiment with different chemicals to make crystals of different shapes. Another plus is that the Colorful Crystal Lab kit is compatible with other kits in the Ooze Labs line. Recommended for ages 

Why I like it: experiments are always fun, and watching the crystals grow was pretty amazing. The set is self-contained so it's not too messy. It's also great that this set can be combined with others from the same line. 

5. National Geographic Glow in the Dark Marble Run

National Geographic's Glow in the Dark Marble Run puts a fun twist on the basic marble run sets by adding 6 different colors of glow in the dark marbles. There's even a UV light included to recharge the marbles! The sets have tons of building and experimenting possibilities and make an amazing gift idea. Sets come in different sizes and there are also extra marbles and expansion packs available for purchase. Check out all of the fun products on the Blue Marble Amazon page or visit their website: www.ThinkBlueMarble.com  Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Why I like it: the high quality pieces are great (not all marble run sets are like this!), as well as the storage bag. I love the concept of the glowing marbles and the amount of possibilities for building. Marble runs teach so much about physics and STEM, and can keep kids (and adults!) entertained for hours. I was totally in awe of the glowing marbles. I could just play with them alone (no maze needed! lol).

6. Automobile Alphabet (Travel Card Game)
Automobile Alphabet is not just great for traveling. It's a cute game to take outside in the neighborhood (if you have a street that cars drive by on) or just on the go. Players receive letter cards and work to be the first to find their letters on signs, license plates, or billboards. If there's not much to see on the road, kids can use the cards to play a matching game instead. For 2-4 players ages 5 and up.
Why I like it: I think it's hard to keep kids occupied on a road trip or while traveling. This is a way to disconnect from tech devices and play some old-school fun. The simple instructions also make it a game that kids can play without much parental assistance. 

7. Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game

Fans of Dav Pilkey's beloved Dog Man graphic novels will appreciate Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game. Players have to save the town and race to gobble up all of the Hot Dog Cards first. It comes in a cute travel tin, too. This game reinforces early learning skills, memory, fine motor function, and social interaction. Recommended for ages 5 and up, 2 to 4 players.

Why I like it: I love Dav Pilkey's adorable illustrations. This is a simple and basic game that is easy to learn and play. The tin makes for easy storage and you can even encourage kids to go read the Dog Man books when they're done! This game is also a cute stocking stuffer if you're looking for holiday gift ideas. 

8. Toniebox

Toniebox sent me a sample of their creation and I thought it was really unique and clever. It's a new and innovative audio player for kids, great for bedtime stories or as a kids' music box. It's screen-free and so easy to use that even the youngest can operate it.  All you have to do is place a Tonies audio character  on the Toniebox, and playback starts automatically. Pressing the ears changes the volume. Tapping the sides changes tracks. It's that simple! There are a variety of Tonies characters available (inlcuding Disney favorites like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Toy Story). There are even Tonies characters that you can personalize yourself, recording your own voice to play back. Toniebox works in conjunction with your smart device and an app, but the box itself is tech-free for kids. You can find Toniebox on Amazon or use my unique link to find it on the Toniebox website. I recommend checking out the Toniebox website since they have the largest selection of boxes and Tonies. Recommended for kids ages 36 months to 6 years.

Why I like it:  I like the ingenuity of it and the fact that kids can easily operate it. The sound was clear and the music choices were fun and entertaining. From stories to music to personalized greetings, there are a lot of possibilities for the Toniebox, and it's a great way to send kids off to sleep at night, too!

9.  National Geographic Light Up Sky Rockets

National Geographic's Light Up Sky Rockets encourage kids to get outdoors and stomp air rockets. The extra large foot pad makes them super easy to launch. What makes it really fun is that the foam-tipped rockets are equipped with LED lights that can be turned on and off. Play at dusk or at night for a fun light show. Kids can experiment with height, pressure, angles and more for an added STEM benefit. Check out all of the fun products on the Blue Marble Amazon page or visit their website: www.ThinkBlueMarble.com  Recommended for ages 6 and up. 

Why I like it: this is a great way to learn while outdoors. The rockets themselves are all about physics. Make a mini science lesson out of it by asking the kids how far and how high they think each rocket will go. 

10. Learn with Mochi

Learn with Mochi is a coding kit for young children. Mochi develops critical thinking and computational logic, all without the use of tech devices and screens. Mochi engages children in computing and problem-solving through hands-on code, interactive storytelling, and DIY assembly. The kit includes a mini plush Mochi bear, as well as a wooden robotic vehicle that kids must learn to program, a programming board, programming blocks, a story book, a story map, craft pieces and more.
Mochi’s robot is also fully compatible with LEGO and encourages children to make their own additions to Mochi's vehicle.  Another plus is that Mochi is made from 100% natural, biodegradable wood-based materials. You can learn more about Mochi and how the kit works on the Learn with Mochi website
Recommended for ages 3 to 9.

Why I like it: Learn with Mochi is an innovative new way to teach very young children about coding (starting at 3! That's impressive!). This is a skill that kids need to have in our technologically advanced world, and Mochi is a great introduction to it. Although a bit pricey, Mochi is an entire kit for kids, including all of the tools needed to begin coding and continue on with creative LEGO additions and storybooks. 

If you liked my educational toy picks, check out some of my other finds through these Amazon affiliate links below!
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