Friday, October 11, 2019
Columbus Day is a great time to take a day trip to New York City, and you know my favorite way to travel to the city is by NY Waterway ferry! They are offering easy ways to visit the city for Columbus Day, and they are a great commuting option if you plan to see the Columbus Day parade.

Disclosure: this NY Waterway ferry info comes directly from their press release. I was provided with my own ferry ticket in exchange for sharing this information with you. I totally love the ferry! It's my #1 NYC commute choice, and I'm proud to have partnered with them to bring you this post. 

NY Waterway ferries offer the only traffic-free and hassle-free way to voyage to the Columbus Day Parade, the largest Italian-American celebration of the year, which will march up Fifth Avenue on October 14th. The Columbus Day parade attracts a million spectators and 35,000 marchers each year. Marching school band​s, professional musicians, and traditional folk groups will perform from 44th Street to 72nd Street.​​

During the week, NY Waterway ferries from Edgewater, Weehawken, Hoboken, Jersey City and Belford/Middletown in Monmouth County serve the West 39th Street Midtown Ferry Terminal, along with the Brookfield Place/Battery Park City Terminal and Pier 11/Wall Street in Lower Manhattan.

Free connecting NY Waterway multi-route shuttles are waiting at the West 39th St. Midtown ferry terminal to take commuters close to the parade and to other attraction areas throughout the city.

Several New Jersey terminals offer inexpensive parking (some free) and are served by the Hudson/Bergen Light Rail, NJ TRANSIT buses and local free NY Waterway buses.

Jersey Momma Tips

-NY Waterway is the only way I truly like to travel to New York City and back to NJ. The free bus shuttles and ease of taking the ferry make it my 'go-to' mass transit option. Port Imperial in Weehawken is my terminal of choice, with a big parking lot right across the street from the terminal. Everything is easy to get to and walkable.

-How does it work? It's pretty simple. At Port Imperial: park your car, take your garage ticket with you. Purchase your ferry route ticket from the self-serve kiosk or the attendant's window in the terminal. Find what Slip (dock) your ferry is coming in on (and what time) on the terminal screens. Wait for your boat! It's as simple as that. Same for your return trip. When you come back, you insert your garage ticket into the self-pay machines and prepay so you're all set to pull out of the parking lot when you go.

-Use the NY Waterway app for even greater ease. You can purchase tickets and keep your tickets right on the app, locate buses, view maps and much more.

Visit nywaterway.com for more information or 
call 1-800-53-FERRY. 

Information is also available on the NY Waterway 

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