Japan Crate Review: What's Inside this Fun Japanese Subscription Box?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
I'm always on the hunt for fun gift ideas, and I also love subscription boxes. So when Japan Crate asked me to try out their service, I said OF COURSE!! Read on and I'll tell you about it.

Disclosure: Japan Crate provided me with a sample box in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

What is Japan Crate?

Japan Crate is a subscription box service that will send you fun candy, snacks and treats from Japan. These are items you really can't find easily (if at all) here in the United States. They make a fun and unique gift idea and they come in various sizes and prices. You can check out their full subscription line-up here.

What Size Crates are Available?

You can order a mini, original or premium sized box. I received the premium, which arrived in a sturdy,colorful box and included:

-18-20 items
-a drink
-a DIY kit
-a limited edition bonus item
-free shipping

Look at all of this cool stuff!

And in case you can't see all of these cool items very well, here's a shot of everything spread out.

What's Fun About Japan Crate?

We had a blast sitting around the table, trying all of the items. They even came with a little description booklet in case we couldn't figure out what each item was. The premium box contained snacks and a drink, not just candy. Actually, the chips were out favorite! My kiddo loved those Strong Garlic chips.

How Does Japan Crate Work?

It's really easy. You just subscribe and pick your box, they pick your items (which are different every month) and pack it up for you. Your box is shipped out from Japan (free shipping with your subscription) and that's that! The only down side is that you have to wait for it to get to you. Shipping from Japan takes about 2-4 weeks, but they do a great job of updating you and notifying you when your box is on the way.

Does Japan Crate Only Ship Candy?

If candy isn't your thing, Japan Crate offers a variety of other Japanese subscription boxes. You can check out their entire line-up here, which includes Doki Doki Crates, Umai Crates, Kira Kira Crates, and Gacha Gacha Crates. If you're not sure what any of those are, don't worry, they have descriptions of each box on their site.

photo from JapanCrate.com

Is Japan Crate Worth the Money?

If you're looking for a unique gift idea or you enjoy Japanese snacks, candy and treats, then this is definitely the subscription box for you. There's a great selection for the price, and it includes shipping. Subscription boxes are such a fun way to brighten a day. I still say there's nothing like getting a fun package in the mail! If you're still not sure, check out some of their past crates from previous months, and maybe you'll change your mind.

photo from JapanCrate.com

How Do I Get a Japan Crate Subscription?

You can find out more information or subscribe for your own box through Japan Crate's website. Be sure to check out their social channels for deals, sales and more, too:

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