Let's Visit Fairy Tale Inc. in Bernardsville: Parties, Classes, Creative Fun, and More!

Monday, March 11, 2019
If you're wondering where to have your child's next birthday party, or looking for a fun, creative space with after school clubs, classes, camps, and more, look no further! Fairy Tale Inc. of Bernardsville might just be the place for you!

I'm proud to feature Fairy Tale, Inc. of Bernardsville as part of my Local Business Spotlight. Fairy Tale Inc. is owned and operated by an awesome New Jersey mom (I knew I liked her the moment I walked up the stairs and saw her Hello Kitty Converse sneakers). I hope you'll consider Fairy Tale Inc. for future endeavors, along with the other businesses featured on my Local Business Spotlight Page.

What is Fairy Tale Inc?

Here's a little blurb straight from the Fairy Tale Inc. website, describing who they are and what they represent:

"Fairy Tale Inc. is located in the heart of Bernardsville, NJ. We are a creative gathering place that offers classes, parties and events for all ages. We specialize in working with children to help them learn the artistic skills they need to pursue their dreams."

Where is Fairy Tale Inc?

Fairy Tale Inc. is located in Bernardsville, in a warm and inviting creative space. There's plenty of parking and even an outdoor area in the back. It's close to local shopping, the train station, and easy to get to from local highways:
Fairy Tale Inc.
115 Morristown Rd Ste. B
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Birthday Parties at Fairy Tale Inc.

There are a ton of options for parties at Fairy Tale Inc, and they can cater to pretty much any age group. You can check out their party page to see what they offer, or talk to them about what your child likes, what ideas you have, and what you envision for party fun. They can create something thematic and amazing especially for you!

What Else Can I Do at Fairy Tale Inc?

Fairy Tale Inc isn't just about parties. They offer camps, Parent Night Outs, Book Clubs, Classes, Mommy and Me events and so much more.

A Note from The Jersey Momma About Fairy Tale Inc.

One of the greatest things about being a writer and blogger is traveling around and meeting amazing people and awesome local businesses. I would not feature them on my site or recommend them to you if I truly didn't think they were something special. I loved Fairy Tale Inc. the moment I stepped through the door, and I clicked with Jessica, the owner, right away. What I love about Jessica and her creative space is that she's a go-getter. You want a dragon themed party? She's on it. Does your child love mythology? No sweat, she has a million ideas. Star Wars fans? Super hero lovers? She can cover that, too. After hearing about her past designing costumes for plays and dressing mannequins for stores in New York, I pretty much think there's nothing she can't do! I also love the fact that Jessica created this amazing business with a vision in mind. One of my favorite phrases is Create What You Wish Existed, and I think Jess did just that with Fairy Tale Inc. It truly is a magical place!

Where Can I Find Fairy Tale Inc?

Stay connected to Fairy Tale Inc. through their social channels and website. Follow them on social media to see what's new and hear about all of their special events, too!

Fairy Tale Inc.
115 Morristown Rd Ste. B
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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