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Saturday, March 16, 2019
Looking for a fun new option for Girls Night Out? Celebrating a baby shower, planning a bachelorette party or thinking of just getting some friends together for a fun afternoon? I have a GREAT idea for you from Brand Elle Designs. Trust me, this is cool! I had my momma friends over for a fun afternoon where we ate yummy snacks and designed our own stemless wine glasses. No painting involved, no sales pitches, no stress. It was just fun, and everyone got to take something special home with them! But it doesn't have to be just wine glasses. There are lots of creative options. Sounds cool, right? Read on!

I'm proud to feature Brand Elle Designs as part of my Local Business Spotlight. Brand Elle is owned and operated by two ambitious New Jersey sisters who work hard to bring you a fun experience. I hope you'll consider Brand Elle for future endeavors, along with the other businesses featured on my Local Business Spotlight Page.

Disclosure: Brand Elle provided me with an in-home party in exchange for a blog review. But like I always say, I would never recommend something to you if I didn't totally love it myself! We all had a blast!

What is Brand Elle Designs?

Brand Elle Designs is run by two sisters, Heather and Sarah. They started as an Etsy shop, and recently expanded the business to include home crafting parties for adults and children.  They use vinyl and a cutting machine to create wine glasses, apparel, cosmetic bags, water bottles, and more.  The parties are about an hour to an hour and half, and guests can design their own product either by hand or computer.  Brand Elle cuts the design and shows guests how to apply their design to their project.  Guests get to go home with something they created and it's ready for use!

What Can I Make With Brand Elle Designs?

You can literally choose any item from their Etsy shop to feature in your in-home craft party. I chose the stemless wine glasses because I thought they'd be the most fun (and the most useful! Ha!). But there are t-shirts and glasses and all kinds of goodies to choose from.

How Does an In-Home Party Work?

Brand Elle comes to you, and they travel all over New Jersey! It was really easy to plan the party. I told Sarah and Heather what I wanted to make (I picked out stemless wine glasses for everyone), and then I invited my guests (I had 5 guests, and that was really the perfect number- 6 including myself). There is no limit to the number of guests, and if you choose five or more guests, then the host is free. Pricing starts at about $25 per person, and all supplies are included. My party was scheduled for 3:00pm on a Saturday. Heather and Sarah arrived fifteen minutes before to set up. We used my dining room table for our crafting, and I set my food up in the kitchen. Brand Elle provided paper and markers for sketching, but if you just wanted to pick an image or idea from the computer or your phone, you could do that, too. Some of my friends (myself included) decided to draw/write their own designs. Once completed, we picked what colors we wanted our images in, and then Heather and Sarah transferred them to the computer/printer for us. The actual designing/printing/crafting takes about an hour.

Heather and Sarah showed us how to peel and transfer our images onto our glasses. And yes, you can wash them! They gave us instructions on how to wash our glasses (hand wash only). They even had little shopping bags to carry items home in.

About My Brand Elle Party

Here are some photos from my party. I think my friends were excited to be invited to something where they were not obligated to shop (I love some of the 'shopping type' in-home parties, but there is always that pressured feeling of purchasing cooking items or jewelry or essential oils- you know what I mean!). Here we could just chill and use our artistic talents and that was that. I also wanted to make it fun for my friends and add a little Spring-like theme to the event. I had a jellybean counting contest (the prize was a little garden flower kit):

And I also gave everyone a little take-home favor! These were from Christmas Tree Shops.

My friends brought some amazingly delicious food! Check out these awesome veggie lettuce wraps!

And of course I had to add a lovely superfood side salad platter from Chick-fil-A Flemington's catering department!

Our Brand Elle Wine Glasses

 I think one of the neatest things to see was how different all of our designs were. I chose to personalize mine with my Jersey Momma name, but my friends chose everything from flip flops to snowflakes for their images. We even had butterflies and a 'Life is Good,' statement!

Where Can I Find Brand Elle Designs?

You can find Brand Elle Designs on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their Etsy shop. You can also email them at  Look for their logo on social media!

Jersey Momma Tips

*When you invite your guests, you might want to tell them ahead of time to think about what they want to use as their design. Even a general idea might help to get them started (i.e. a personalized item, a summer-themed item, an item devoted to a pet, etc.)

*figure your guests' arrival time into your party planning. Meaning, if your party starts at 3:00, you probably won't get started with your designing until 3:30, since guests arrive and mingle for a bit. So be sure to figure that into your planning (designing/printing takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending upon your number of guests and the complexity of their designs). My party lasted from about 3:00 to maybe 5:30.

*it helps if Brand Elle can connect to your WiFi so they can access their online designs easily, so if you're willing to share, have your password/access info handy for them

*set your party up somewhere with access to an outlet (for their printer) and with enough space to work on your designs

How to Contact Brand Elle Designs


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