New SQUISHMALLOWS for 2019 - Kellytoy Booth at Toy Fair New York

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Calling all Squishmallows fans! I'm back from Toy Fair New York with tons of photos to share! Scroll through to see some of the newest Squishmallows, and start planning your squad additions!!! Scroll through for photos and a video tour of Kellytoy's booth at the end. And keep checking back, because I have a BIG Squishmallows GIVEAWAY coming soon! 

Disclosure: no one paid me to write this post. I'm a huge Squishmallows fan myself, so I feel it's my duty to share the latest 'mallows with you, and all of the latest info from Kellytoy at Toy Fair New York. Many thanks to Kellytoy for graciously allowing me to share this with you. Other booths at Toy Fair New York were not as kind or as willing. We love you, Kellytoy! Thank you for appreciating your customers and fans!

NOTE:  Please, please, please do NOT steal my photos!  You are welcome to share with credit back to my site. This is much appreciated. Stay tuned for a Squishmallows giveaway, coming soon!

Some of these might be available now and some are coming soon. Sorry, but the Disney ones are NOT available in the U.S., and from what they told me at the actual Kellytoy booth, they do not currently have plans to introduce them here in the U.S. (although they'd like to).

You can click on each photo to see it larger, too! Feel free to ask for Squishmallows names in the comment section, since I do have that info on hand. The Squishmallows Mystery Boxes can be found at most Targets. Also, keep an eye out later in the year for a YETI! Not pictured here but he's coming soon.

I'm not sure if I caught a close-up pic of the hamster or the butterfly, so here is the press release photo of them:

NOW you MUST check out the video of the Kellytoy booth at Toy Fair New York! The booth was busy and a little crowded, so I tried to film as much as I could for you.


The Hug Mees Line

I thought these were totally cute, although I know some of you are devoted to the Squishmallows shape. Just think of them as Squishmallows that sprouted arms and legs! They still have that classic squish!

Also look for some fun cuties coming from Kellytoy's partnership with Russ!! The little colorful fruit guys were scented!

If you'd like to check out Squishmallows on Amazon, I included some affiliate links below!


  1. This is awesome!! If it's not too much trouble, I was wondering what the names of the blue shark/dolphin, the flamingo, the orange monkey, the red panda, the pink lamb, the white seal, the lion, and the otter were. Thank you!!

  2. Hi bellemarie! Thanks!! Let's see, the blue dolphin is Perry, the gray shark is Gordon. The flamingo is Cookie, the orange monkey is Elton, the red panda is Cici, the pink lamb is the peach llama, I think, her name is not listed (I'll try to find out!). The white seal is Lucille, the lion is Francis, and there is no otter that I can see- do you mean the walrus? If so his name is Bruce. Hope that helps! :)

  3. What is the hamster's name? The wolf with the hat? And the sequined ones?

    1. The hamster's name is Humphrey. Unfortunately the sequined ones are not listed with names in my trade catalog. I am wondering if they have the same names as the originals without sequins? The wolf with the Santa hat is a Mystery Mini and those are not listed with names in my catalog either. Sorry I couldn't be more help!


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