5 Fun Finds from PetCon New York

Sunday, November 25, 2018
Last week I had the pleasure of attending PetCon in New York City with my pal, Kid Congeniality. I was curious if it was worth the trip or if my dog loving friends would appreciate it. OMG, people, can I tell you how much I absolutely LOVED it?! There were so many things I adored about it, but here are five that stood out for me the most. Read on!

Disclosure: I visited Petcon with a press pass, but what do I always say? I wouldn't recommend something to you unless I totally loved it, and honestly, if you're a dog lover, this show is for you!!

1. The DOGS!!

There were SO many dogs at PetCon, I felt like I'd died and gone to Heaven! Dogs in outfits, celebrity dogs, big dogs, little dogs, I didn't know where to look first! I was super thrilled to see my friend Scraps again. Scraps is a Jack Russell Terrier (like my beautiful Milo), and I first met her at New York Comic Con when she was dressed as Venom (you can see that on my Instagram page here). At PetCon, she was dressed like a turkey! You can follow her on Instagram, @Scrapstastic.

This little sweetie is Cobie the Griff. I met him hanging out near the Fuzzy booth (read more about them below). You can follow Cobie on Instagram, @Cobie_theGriff

I should also point out that there weren't just dogs at PetCon! There was an entire section for cats and kittens, and there were also pigs, sugar gliders, monkeys, and lizards in attendance, just to name a few!

2. A Dog's Way Home

The author of A Dog's Purpose, W. Bruce Cameron, wrote another book called A Dog's Way Home. A Dog's Way Home is coming to theaters in 2019! The good people of Sony Pictures assure me it won't be quite as much of a tear jerker as A Dog's Purpose, and it's something families will love. Stay tuned! I hope to tell you more about it over the next few months.

3. Primo Water

I absolutely loved the attachment dog water dish from Primo. Now your dog can have fresh water from your own home water cooler, too! Not only perfect for homes, can you imagine this in pet stores and vets' offices? It's just such a genius idea. Primo has been around for over a decade, but their pet water dish option is a new addition to their product line. Stay tuned to The Jersey Momma for more details about this, since I plan on finding out more for sure!

4. 157 of Gemma

Mochi is a little couch potato of a pug, and her mom draws the most adorable comics about her life. She also paints incredible art, and she was at the show painting a piece for Pet Insider. Visit her website, 157ofGemma.com.

5. Meet and Greets

They had the most FUN celebrity pet panelists at PetCon, including Hamlet the Pig, Tuna Melts My Heart, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, and so many more social media sensations! I loved that you didn't have to pay extra to see them, like most conventions. 

6. Also Noteworthy


Fuzzy is a service that delivers vet care to your home. They have an app for telemedicine and a monthly membership fee. They are available in New York but not New Jersey yet. My fingers are crossed, though, because Spot the Jersey Doggy hates going to the vet, and this service would be a godsend for him!

Facebook Watch: World's Most Amazing Dog

Facebook Watch now features a World' Most Amazing Dog show! Check it out and even enter a video of your own dog to win a cash prize! Pretty cool, right? I am on Facebook all the time (come like my page, The Jersey Momma!) and I never knew this existed till PetCon.


Eterneva is a service that can turn the ashes of your beloved pet (or loved one) into diamonds and precious gems. I still have my sweet Milo's ashes and I can't bear to separate them quite yet, not even for a necklace pendant. But maybe someday- he deserves that, after all. Learn more about them at Eterneva.com.

Is PetCon Worth Visiting?

Emphatically, yes!! I know tickets can be pricey, but I saw so many deals and promo codes floating around before the show. Sign up for their email alerts next year, and follow the social channels of some of the celebrity guests. Many of them had codes and discounts to offer. I also feel like there were enough freebies and opportunities at the show itself to make the visit worthwhile. I have paid big bucks to get into shows (I'm not namin' names but New York Comic Con, you could be one of 'em...) and felt they were not worth the cost. Petcon was definitely worth it. If you have any questions about what you get for your money, feel free to ask in the comments below. In the meantime, start planning your visit for next year! I know I'll be there. Oh, and be sure to check out my friend Kid Congeniality's PetCon post to see what her fave picks of the day were, too!

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