Teen Titans Go! to the Movies: Spoiler Free Review by a Major Super Fan

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Titans, GO!....to the movies!! Seriously, anyone who knows me knows that I am the biggest Teen Titans Go! fan out there. I have seen every episode and I have my favorites (I'll post them at the end of this review). So, do you need to be a super fan like me to enjoy Teen Titans Go! to the Movies? No way! Any kid will appreciate it, and so will their parents! Let me tell you why...

Disclosure: I was offered a free screening of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies thanks to The Moms and Warner Brothers Pictures, but all opinions and enthusiastic exclamations for the Titans posted here are clearly my own. Or as Starfire would say, I am the excited!

Please note: My kiddo did not want to sit on the movie prop above, so don't you go judging me about taking the driver's seat before him! He also didn't want to be in the picture without me, either, I swear.

My Funko Dorbz Beast Boy accompanied us on this trip and we took pictures of him everywhere, including on the New York Waterway Ferry (kids ride free all summer- woot!!). We love our Beast Boy, we love Greg Cipes who voices Beast Boy, and we love his Wingman (if you don't know who Wingman is, go follow Greg Cipes on Instagram to find out).

About the Teen Titans Go! Moms Event

I was so very excited to be invited to the Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Mamarazzi screening event by The MOMS (#TeenTitansGoMoms). We were able to attend a meet and greet with Will Arnett, who plays Slade in the movie ("Slaaaaddde!") and is one of the producers (he's also the voice of LEGO Batman and many other favorite movie characters). He was very personable and charming, of course (what did you expect from Slade?). He told us what it was like to be a part of the film and what we could expect to see (without any spoilers! Yay!).

The kids attending were able to ask Will Arnett questions. A little girl named Camilla stood up and asked if Mr. Arnett uses any of his character voices in his every day life. The answer was pretty funny! Watch the video below to see!

The MOMS also provided a serve-yourself candy bar (that we could NOT even get near because there were so many excited kids getting their fill, and The Jersey Momma's Boy is a bit shy and quiet, so...he opted to skip the candy bar...), but we did get some yummy popcorn provided by The Popcorn Factory.

Then we were able to watch the film! Woo hoo!! We waited months to see it and we were soooo excited!!

About Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is based on the wildly popular television series, Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network (which I literally watch every day even though I am an adult). Teen Titans are characters created by DC Comics. The show stars a talented group of actors who seriously do not get enough credit for their work, in my humble opinion:

Scott Menville as Robin
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Tara Strong as Raven
Hynden Walch as Starfire

I follow all of these talented actors on social media, and by golly, you should, too.

The movie also stars Will Arnett as Slade and Kristen Bell as filmmaker Jade Wilson. You'll find a ton of other fun cameos in the film, too, so keep your eyes and ears open.

So here's the plot in a nutshell (no spoilers, I promise): Our beloved Teen Titans begin to realize that they're not taken seriously in the world of crime fighting. Every super hero out there has their own movie except them. So they solicit the help of filmmaker Jade Wilson to make a movie for them, but she refuses, saying they haven't really done anything to make themselves "film worthy." That's where the villain Slade comes in (because you most certainly need to defeat a notorious villain to gain popularity, right?). The Titans devise a plot to get themselves noticed, but it doesn't quite go according to plan. Robin tries to make things right, but it's sure not easy, and what follows is a series of events and antics that every Teen Titans Go! fan will love.

For the concerned mommas and poppas out there: you'll find mildly rude jokes (it's Teen Titans Go! after all) but nothing really inappropriate. Some fart jokes here and there, but nothing frightening or violent (well, beyond your basic cartoon violence, I mean).

The film is rated PG for action and rude humor (see? I told you) and has a running time of 1 hour and 28 minutes.

image from Wikia

There are plenty of laughs in the film, and plenty of inside jokes and cameos that only adults will understand. As a SUPER FAN, I had high expectations for the film and I promise you it did not disappoint. My favorite part of the movie was actually the very end, which made us all gasp and laugh out loud. It was a very "Robin-esque" ending, that's for sure!

Also evident throughout the film is the soundtrack. There are so many catchy songs, just like in the TV series. I would've loved to have heard 'Night Begins to Shine' somewhere in there, but nope. Don't be sad, though, there is a very cool white tiger singing for us in the movie. See if you can figure out who he is!

Final Notes

-at some point during the screening, I looked down at my phone and saw that Scott Menville and Greg Cipes had both liked two of my tweets (*GASP!*).  Right about this same moment, a security guard came over to yell at me for looking at my phone during the movie (I honestly missed the rule that we were not supposed to have our phones on during the film - oops! I did have the volume off, though...). She harshly told me to TURN IT OFF! which I wasn't even sure how to do (ask a blogger to turn off a phone?? That's like asking a doctor to turn off their pager, woman!!). This caused me to miss one of the funniest parts of the film involving time traveling. So word to the wise, don't look at your phone during the movie and miss stuff like I did (although I was kind of glad I did when I saw that BEAST BOY AND ROBIN WERE LIKING MY STUFF! OMG).

-in my social media travels I have noticed an ongoing rivalry between the original Teen Titans fans and the Teen Titans Go! fans (both series involve the same characters but each has a different animation style and are geared towards different audiences). I love both Teen Titans cartoons (although Teen Titans Go! is my favorite), so all I ask is...can't we all just get along? Go see the movie, people, you will love it! It's that little ray o' sunshine that we so badly need these days.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is in theaters nationwide on 
July 27, 2018. I, personally, plan on seeing it again. Boo-yah!

Did you stick around till the end to find out what my favorite Teen Titans Go! episodes are? Here are my top 5, although I honestly love them all:
1. The Oregon Trail episode
2. Daylight Savings episode
3. Robin Invites Batman to Thanksgiving Dinner
4. The Tooth Fairy episode
5. The Titans Raid the Justice League's Home

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  1. What a fun event it looks like. I can't wait to see the movie and I have to say you look pretty darn good driving that Titan mobile!

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