Summer Reading Suggestions for Kids

Sunday, June 23, 2024
Summer is almost here and that means you might be looking for some great summer reading suggestions for kids! Each year I pick fun titles for eager (and not-so-eager) readers, so be sure to check out my previous reading lists, too.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases, but I hope you know I wouldn't recommend anything to you that I didn't love myself. I'm still a momma, after all!! 

For Science and Fact Lovers

National Geographic Kids Almanac

National Geographic Kids Almanac is such a fun book (even teens and tweens). You can't beat the quality of a National Geographic Kids book. Stunning, bright color photos, interesting facts and bold, popping pages make these the favorites of so many kids. Recommended for kids ages 8 to 12, it contains facts on just about everything you can imagine- from animals to weather, landforms to dinosaurs. There are also fun games, comics, and cartoons included throughout. 368 color paperback pages, you really can't go wrong! Find it through my Amazon affiliate link here, or check your local bookstore.


For Gamers and Minecraft Fans

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie by Zack Zombie

I am forever recommending the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series by Zack Zombie because it's been a 'reluctant reader' favorite of mine for a while. I wrote several posts about the series, and since then, Diary of a Minecraft Zombie has become one of Amazon's top selling books, and it's sold over 2 million copies! You can even find it in Scholastic book orders and book fairs at your child's school. If you'd rather purchase online, you can find the first book in the series on Amazon through my affiliate link here. You can also read my other Minecraft book choices of mine here.

For Disney Fans

Twisted Tales by Liz Braswell & Haunted Mansion Series by Amicus Arcane

There is an entire chapter book series based on beloved Disney characters and rides. Did you know that? My favorite is Tales from the Haunted Mansion by Amicus Arcane. But you can also check out A Whole New World by Liz Braswell, which is a twisted version of the original story (what if Aladdin had never found the lamp?). There are others in this twisted tales series, too, like Part of Your World (coming soon) and As Old as Time. You get the idea, right?

For Zombie and Monster Lovers

The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier

The Jersey Momma's Boy loves The Last Kids on Earth book series. I was concerned at first that it would be a little too scary for him, but it's cartoony pictures and fun, upbeat language made this more of an adventure book than a horror book. The narrator, Jack, is quite a lovable character and it even makes a fun read aloud. It details the lives of four friends after a 'monster apocalypse' (literally monsters coming and taking over the earth) changes their world forever. Recommended for ages 8-12 and not recommended for kids who are frightened by zombies, monsters or the end of the world. As a mom I can tell you it's superb for reluctant readers, with short chapters, funny prose and awesome illustrations to keep kids hooked. 

For Movie Fans

Junior Novelizations

When I was a teacher I always used to recommend junior novelizations of movies to my parents who said their kids just weren't interested in reading. Kids who love movies might really enjoy the novel versions of their favorites, like the new Teen Titans Go to the Movies or Avengers Infinity War.

For LEGO Fans

I'm Fun Too by Jonathan Penske

I have to break from the chapter books here and mention an awesome picture book I received in the mail from Scholastic books. It's not yet published, but you can pre-order it now since it will be released in August. I'm Fun Too by Jonathan Penske tells the tale of an 'old school' LEGO minifigure who wants to be cool like the other, newer LEGO minifigures. Parents will appreciate the story, too, since it refers to the original LEGO minifigures that we knew and loved in the 1980's and 90's. It's the first ever official LEGO picture book! How cool is that??

Looking for a LEGO chapter book for older readers? Try Emmet's Guide to Being Awesome, which is super cute, or The LEGO Movie Junior Novel.

For Magic Lovers

Zoey and Sassafras Series by Asia Citro

I have recommended the Zoey and Sassafras series by Asia Citro before and I recommend it again! The newest book in the series, Unicorns and Germs, is due to be published in October. This sweet series about a young girl who helps to care for magical creatures, is truly original and a great book for empowering young females (although it's not only for girls). Another good choice for magical creatures is The Secret Zoo by Brian Chick (a series) which tells about a magical, secret world within a city zoo. Even adults would enjoy it!

So there are my recommendations for the Summer! Check back in the Fall for more book selections, and follow me on Facebook for book contests and giveaways, too! 

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