A Review of Mellisa B Naturally Skin Care Products: Plus, a Coupon Code!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
It's hard to find good skin care products these days, isn't it? Especially if you have sensitive skin or specific needs. Many brands are expensive, and you wind up blowing money on a bunch of products that don't work. So when Mellisa B Naturally contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out some of their products, I was excited to give them a shot (although, admittedly, I was skeptical, too). Mellisa B Naturally is also a New Jersey based company, so I figured if I enjoyed the products, I might feature them in my upcoming Local Business Spotlight Section. Lo and behold, here we are! So read on to hear about these awesome skin care products from New Jersey's own Mellisa B Naturally, and scroll below for a coupon code, and contest, too!

Disclosure: Mellisa B Naturally sent me a box of their skin care products to try in exchange for an honest blog post, but this did not influence my opinion. As I always say, I would not recommend something to you that I did not enjoy or find useful. Read on to see what I thought of Mellisa B's products, and know that my words are all honest and true!

**Also, there is a lot of information here, but my blog posts are always designed for easy reading. Feel free to scroll through the headlines to find the information you are looking for.

About Mellisa B Naturally

Mellisa B Naturally is a skin care company based out of Medford, New Jersey (woot! Shout out to Medford!). You can read all about Mellisa's journey on her website here. Mellisa B Naturally believes in healthy living and natural skincare. According to their website, their products contain no parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil or other 'bad stuff' (you can read a description of their good ingredients here). They work hard to create products that are good for you and the planet. Plus, they are a family business, run by a small group of family, friends and colleagues. I can attest that they didn't just blindly send me a box of products to try. Chelsea, an executive administrator from Mellisa B Naturally, reached out and asked me what kind of products I wanted to try and what my skin concerns were. Oh geez, I thought, I have so many! See my own story below.

My Own Story

I don't share very much about my personal life here on The Jersey Momma (personal opinions, yes!). But the truth is, I struggled with skin care most of my life. I battled severe cystic acne all through middle school and high school, and tried just about every skin treatment you can think of. The only success I eventually had was with the drug Accutane. I know there are controversies around Accutane, but I can tell you honestly that it changed my life for the better. My cystic acne affected how I viewed both myself and the world. It sucked away all of my self-confidence. I took two cycles of Accutane, 6 years apart. I still get occasional cysts (even 20 years after treatment!!), but it's nothing like it used to be. It did leave my skin very dry (permanently), so this was one of the concerns that I voiced to Mellisa B Naturally, as well as preventing future breakouts. And hey, let's not forget the wrinkles- I'm concerned about those, too! I was very impressed when they sent me a personalized box of skin care products to try, along with a note and information on how to use each one. Not many companies will do that.

What I Tried from Mellisa B Naturally

You can see from the photo above that I was able to try a few of Mellisa B Naturally's products. They were:

My favorites right off the bat were the Pumpkin & Coconut Exfoliating Mask and the Tri Potency Peptide Serum (I'll tell you why in a minute). But here's what I thought about each product in a nutshell...

Cleansing Milk: I liked the cleansing milk because it was gentle on my skin. I wasn't crazy about the scent but that's because it doesn't have one! A natural product like this is full of good stuff, and perfumey chemicals isn't one of them. I hadn't planned to order more of this one, but guess what? After I finished the tube and switched back to my old cleanser, within a week my skin started to break out again! So clearly the Cleansing Milk had been working, and I'll tell you, I am willing to give up a scent for a product that really works. 

Premium Moisturizing Cream: The moisturizing cream was exactly what I needed- something effective but not too heavy, oily, or greasy. It had a very natural, even texture and didn't leave a heavy feeling on my skin.

Tri Potency Peptide Serum: I really, really loved this for my neck. I have a wrinkly neck fear lately. Laugh if you must, but when you hit 40, you start to notice these things. You look in the mirror and think, 'why does the skin under my neck look so loose?' Or, 'oh my gosh, my neck sure looks wrinkly in that picture!' At least, that's the way I think. So I loved this peptide serum to help tighten up the skin on my neck, and all it took each day was a little drop.

Pumpkin & Coconut Exfoliating Mask: I loved this product. Loved! It was perfect for my sensitive skin, didn't dry me out, and smelled amazing. It also had an awesome, creamy consistency. I loved that it was an exfoliator, too, so it left my skin with a beautiful, polished feel. I'm not a huge fan of masks in general, so you know if I liked this one, it had to be good.

How Much Do Mellisa B Naturally Products Cost?

Mellisa B's products are extremely affordable. They won't break the bank. They range in price from $16.50 and up, which is a far cry from some of the bigger brands on the market that don't even offer high quality ingredients.

Where to Buy Mellisa B Naturally Products

Mellisa B Naturally has their own online shop, or you can use their store locator to find a local retailer who carries their products near you. Mellisa B Naturally offered me a coupon code to share with you for their online store, and it's such a great deal, I plan to use it myself! 

Use the code JERSEYMOMMA
for 20% off your whole order AND free ground shipping 
up until January 31, 2018! Pretty cool right?

You can find Mellisa B Naturally products online (use that coupon code above!!), or follow them on social media:

Enter to Win Some Mellisa B Naturally Products of Your Own!

**Sorry! This giveaway has ended!**

I love holding giveaways on The Jersey Momma, so I'm excited that Mellisa B Naturally is offering  some goodies to one lucky reader. Enter below to win your own Pumpkin & Coconut Exfoliating Mask and Cleansing Milk (over $40.00 in value)!

Here's the fine print:

Contest rules: U.S. residents only, 18 and over, please. One winner will be chosen at contest end to receive the products listed above (one pumpkin & coconut exfoliating mask and one tube of cleansing milk). Entrants must be willing to provide an email address for prize notification. Winner must respond to The Jersey Momma's winning notification email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. Entrants must follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget, otherwise they may be disqualified. Winner must provide a mailing address to The Jersey Momma, which will be forwarded to Mellisa B Naturally. The Jersey Momma is not responsible for mailing the prize, this will be completed by Mellisa B Naturally. Good luck!

Enter to win below!

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win! I could use a new beauty regimen.

  2. These products sound awesome. I have sensitive skin, so I need to be careful what I use. I'm also in the over 40 category and totally aware of my neck skin too! Pumpkin and coconut sounds like an awesome combo.

  3. That skin care sounds great and so affordable! I love that it's free of all the harmful chemicals and more natural.

  4. I like products that moisturize because the winter weather is terrible on my skin!

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