Creative Gift Ideas for Kids: Chalk of the Town T-Shirts: Plus, Win One of Your Own!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
I love sharing fun finds and unique gift ideas. I also love the 'shop small' concept, so I can help support smaller businesses who have great products and services. I was so excited to come across these cool t-shirts by Chalk of the Town during my recent visit to Play Fair in New York City. I had never seen anything quite like them, so I was eager to try them out and see if they were as fun as they appeared. Wait till you see what I found out! Read on to find out how these creative t-shirts work, and enter to win one of your own!

What Are Chalk of The Town Shirts?

Chalk of the Town is a markable and erasable chalkboard t-shirt. Each shirt has a chalkboard surface on it that you can personalize to your liking with a chalk marker. When you want to change your image, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. It's that simple! Here's a video from Chalk of the Town so you can see it in action:

How Does it Work?

I have seen my share of product fails and used some pretty crummy toys that promise to work a certain way and don't. Chalk of the Town WORKS! It's totally awesome!! The fine folks at Chalk of the Town sent us a sample kit and an extra shirt to try out.

They also sent us a pack of neon chalk markers, an extra stencil, and another wipe-off cloth (so generous of them, right?). 

Anyway, I placed a flat piece of cardboard inside my shirt and gave it a shot. The instructions inside the kit were very simple and they offered lots of ideas.

It was so easy to write on the surface, and I loved how vibrant the colors looked against the black chalkboard background!

The stencils were super-cute and easy to use, too. You don't need to use them at all, if you don't want to, but I liked the nice added touch and the smooth lines it gave me.

Doesn't it look awesome? I do have a really cute t-shirt model, but maybe I'm biased.

Is it Hard to Clean?

Once the design dries, it isn't smeary or wet. You can touch it and not have to worry about it coming off on your hands. If you want to erase, all you have to do is use a damp cloth and wipe it right off. I'll be honest, I was so sure this wouldn't work! I thought it would be all smeary or leave a ghosting kind of stain but it DIDN'T! It wiped off perfectly clean! The first time I tried to write a sentence on the blue shirt, I totally screwed it up and didn't give myself enough room. So I wiped it clean, let the wet spot dry for a few seconds, and rewrote my sentence with no issues. So easy!

How You Can Use Chalk of the Town T-Shirts

Can you see the potential here? Matching kids' shirts for family trips, birthday shirts, spirit day wear at school, bake sale advertising, PTA function fun, vacation shirts, BFF shirts, the list is endless!! Sick of the typical gifts for birthdays or holidays? Chalk of the Town shirts come in such a cute package with everything the gift recipient will need. I can't even describe to you how much I love it. Chalk of the Town also provides plenty of ideas and options for usage on their site. 

Where to Buy

Chalk of the Town t-shirts are available on their website or through certain store retailers across the country (you can click here to find their retail locations). You can click here to visit their site, or scroll below for all of their contact information. They offer t-shirts with the plain speech bubble or a heart shape, short or long sleeved, in a variety of youth sizes. They also sell extra stencils and markers. Here's where you can find Chalk of the Town on the internet and on social media:

See more of their sample videos on YouTube

Jersey Momma Tips

*I washed my shirts and they were STILL perfect! Again, as a momma, I was skeptical. I thought, eh, these might not make it through the wash. But they held up beautifully! I wiped off my designs, turned the t-shirts inside out, and machine washed in cold water. I hung them up to dry and they were good as new.

*The shirts are a nice quality, very soft with bright colors. I was impressed with the quality of the shirts because sometimes you buy youth t-shirts and they are stiff or poor quality. These were also true to size (there is a size chart on their site if you need it)

*Your designs will be wet as you're drawing them, so be careful not to smear your hand in them as you're writing. Although, even if you do, you can easily wipe off your mistakes.

*If you can swing it, I recommend buying the markers. It's so much more fun to have all of those colors available, and the ones sold on the site are guaranteed not to cause ghosting or staining on the chalkboard surface.

*I was concerned that the shirt would be uncomfortable (did you ever wear a shirt with a design on it that is scratchy on the other side? Or an iron-on shirt that sticks to you from the inside? Yuck!). The chalkboard portion of the shirt is actually very comfortable, and you can barely feel it from the inside. It's heavy enough for your writing on the outside, but not hard. It really is a brilliant creation, if you ask me.

*I love Chalk of the Town T-Shirts so much that I also featured them in my last Holiday Gift Guide here on The Jersey Momma! Go visit my guide and enter to win some other prizes there!

Want to win a Chalk of the Town T-Shirt of your very own? Of course you do!  Enter below to win a Chalk of the Town T-Shirt  in a size, color and style of your choice (pending availability). 

The fine print: U.S. residents only, 18 and over, please! One winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Winner must be willing to provide a valid email address for contact, and a valid U.S. mailing address to receive your prize. Winner must respond to The Jersey Momma's winning notification email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. The Jersey Momma has the right to disqualify anyone who did not follow the directions for Rafflecopter entries (I do check, people!). The Jersey Momma is not responsible for mailing the winning prize. Prize will be sent by Chalk of the Town. Contest runs 11/21/17 through 12/1/17. Good luck!!



  1. Ooh this looks fun! You get the neatest things to try out, and your contests have encouraged me to join twitter and Instagram, lol.

  2. Adorable idea! I entered because I want to look as adorable as your kiddo in the shirt!

  3. Wow these shirts look so cool! My daughter would love to have one of these shirts (and so would I!).

    1. Me, too! No adult sizes yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. I would give it to my 7 year old! She is so creative and artsy. She'd love it!

  5. I just entered! Chalk markers are fun, and this is a really neat way to use them.

  6. These shirts are brilliant. I know a lot of kids who would love this.

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