5 Better for You Lunch Box Snack Ideas

Saturday, June 30, 2018
What are some ideas for lunch box snacks? I hear it all the time, or I see posts in Facebook groups looking for new ideas for lunch box snacks and after school treats. All of those packaged cookies and chips are so convenient, but they're not always healthy. And if you have a picky eater at home like me, you want to make those snacks as healthy as you can get! Last year I brought you 9 Exciting Snacks to Liven Up Your Lunchbox. This year, I bring you five better for you treats to try. Let me know what you think!

Just as a disclaimer, no one paid me to write this and I am sharing based on my own personal opinion. I did receive some food items for free (when mentioned), but that in no way influenced my article (in fact, if I didn't like the sample, I didn't include it in the post! So there). I am an Amazon affiliate, and any Amazon links used will be stated in the post. 

1. Stroopwafel by WaffleWaffle

It's time to broaden our horizons, people! Think outside the box! This little disc is like a slice o' heaven, I assure you. It's not crisp, but more of a chewy consistency with a caramel flavor. I can't imagine a kid who wouldn't like this in their lunch box. Plus, it's fun to say, 'Look, guys, mom packed a stroopwafel in my box!' 

2. Dang Sticky Rice Chips

I am a fan of the whole Dang line (ha! See what I did there?). I love their coconut chips (they were included in my 9 Exciting Snacks to Liven Up Your Lunchbox post) and their onion chips are delicious, too. But the rice chips are little different than their other line of coconut and onion chips. I bought the sriracha flavor (which are really spicy- but I love sriracha), and they're kind of like a mini rice cake. They come in a variety of other flavors, so don't worry if your kid is not a fan of spicy things. You can find them through my Amazon affiliate link here.

3. Rule Breaker Brownies and Blondies by Rule Breaker Snacks

The brownies and blondies from Rule Breaker snacks come in a perfect little square package (lunch box size!). Gluten free, vegan, and they contain no dairy, eggs, soy or nuts! They're also chock full o' great ingredients like chick peas, flax and gluten free oats. If you're looking for a tasty treat that's also high in protein and fiber, then give 'em a try! Plus, they're locally made in Brooklyn, New York. Lo and behold, you can find these through my Amazon affiliate links, too. Check them out here!

4. The Good Bean - Organic Chick Peas

I see a chick pea trend in my suggestions, and honestly, I didn't plan it that way! I guess chickpeas just have a natural way of fitting in. Anyway, these chickpea treats from The Organic Bean are always a hit around here because they're crunchy and salty and kind of fun to eat. One thing to beware of, though, if you're packing anything chickpea in a lunch box: chickpeas are part of the legume family, which some kids can't eat if they're allergic to certain types of nuts (which is why they often clarify this in schools, i.e., little Johnny has a tree nut allergy, as opposed to a peanut allergy). Find them through my Amazon affiliate link here.

5. Pop Chips Galaxy Puffs

I'm a sucker for things like this. I'm way worse than my kid when I see a Star Wars themed snack or a new snack featuring a favorite movie or character. But honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of these. I like Pop Chips as it is, but in these odd shapes, they almost reminded me of a different chip all together. It was also fun to find the 'mystery shape' inside (I won't tell you what it is). They say these are a better choice as opposed to regular potato chips, since they're not fried.Plus, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors and no added preservatives sound like a pretty good idea to me. These are a limited edition in the Pop Chips line, but they do sell them in a bulk size on Amazon. You can buy them through my affiliate link here.

Happy Snacking, everyone!


  1. I love Stroopwafels! What store do you find them in near you?

    1. The Fairway markets have them or you can order them directly through the MyWaffleWaffle site. I should probably add that info to the post!

  2. I need to get those Pop Chips! My son loves all things BB8.

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