Jersey Momma Reviews: The ArtsBot Craft Kits for Kids on the Go!

Monday, August 28, 2017
I was so incredibly excited when Marcy from The ArtsBot reached out to me. We love arts and crafts in this house and we are always on the look-out for fun kits for kids, especially ones that can be used on the go. There are so many things I loved about these unique, earth-friendly, easy kits. We had a blast with ours! Not to mention that ArtsBot is also giving back to kids in a BIG way. Read on to see how ArtsBot is going to help kids in need, and read to the bottom of this post for a coupon code, too!

First, here's my usual disclaimer: The ArtsBot sent me a free kit in exchange for an honest review, but I would never try to sell you something that I didn't totally love myself. That's not how I roll! So rest assured that I'm telling the truth here. Second, ArtsBot supplied me with an affiliate link in case you want to try out the kit for yourself. The invisible internet sheriffs require that I tell you that, so I just did. If you still have questions about my site, feel free to check out my disclosure page, too. Onward!

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What is an ArtsBot Craft Kit?

Yeah, yeah, I know there are lots of arts and crafts on the market today, but there is a certain charm to the ArtsBot kits that I absolutely love. First, they have little mascots called Dwalen Bots, who love learning about imagination and creativity here on earth. They made it their mission to create arts and crafts kits that kids can travel with. And I mean, really travel with. These are TSA compliant, meaning they that don't contain sharp scissors or messy items that would not be allowed on airlines. They are small in size, as well as compact, so you can easily take them in a car or camper with you. They are simple kits, yet creative and original enough to hold a child's attention. Some of the kits they offer include:

-Arm Candy (jewelry design)
-Button Parade (button crafts)
-Clay with Me (air-dry clay creations)
-Totes Amazing (tote bag design)
-True Colors (scratch art)
-Block Party (wooden block art- which we'll get to in a minute)
-just to name a few!

Oh, and did I mention they are affordable? Each kit is around $20 or under, and shipping is free! Stay tuned for a coupon code at the bottom of this post!

Arm Candy ArtsBot kit from their site

What Does an ArtsBot Kit Include?

Each kit is a little bit different, but let me tell you about the kit we received, called Block Party. It came in an adorable, recyclable box:

All of the materials that we needed (and then some) were included in the box (including basic instructions). It was lightweight and easy to carry:

Official pic from Arts Bot. Our markers differed a little from the ones pictured here

What Can I Do with my ArtsBot Kit?

Well, here's what we made with ours. The Jersey Momma's Boy has a thing about piggies so we designed our block party kit with little pigs on them!

When we were finished making them, we put them in the little canvas bag that was included in our box (we colored it in first, too):

We did this all outside on our deck, which made me so happy, because that meant my kiddo was not stuck inside playing his tablet or other video games (which, sadly, he loves to do now).

How ArtsBot is Helping Kids in Need

Creativity is contagious. That's the plain and simple truth. And as they say on the ArtsBot site, 'when you show your creativity, you can spark creativity in others...' So it's time to share your art with the world! 

For every child who submits an image of their ArtsBot creation using the hashtag, #botheart, ArtsBot will donate an art kit to a kid who needs it most. 

How 'bout them apples? So if you check out my Instagram account, you'll most certainly find OUR ArtsBot creation there.

More ideas for Block Party kits from The ArtsBot site

Another Block Party kit idea from The ArtsBot site

Where Can I Buy an ArtsBot Kit (and get a coupon code)?

You can purchase an ArtsBot kit through their website here

Use coupon code JERSEY10 for 10% off your ArtsBot order! 

I also want to stress what an awesome gift an ArtsBot kit would make. I can't tell you how many times we are struggling to come up with ideas for birthday gifts or parties. These are so cute, so original, and they give back to others. Plus, they help little robots from outer space! What more can one ask for? ;)

Visit The ArtsBot online: 
or check them out on 

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