The Best Fidget Spinners for Kids

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
What are fidget spinners? They're all the rage here in New Jersey. Fidgets are basically little stress-relieving tools that fit in the palm of your hand. Most are flat but they come in a variety of shapes- cubes, stars, even flowers. I never thought I'd jump on the fidgets bandwagon, because they do seem like a fad that will come and go quickly (don't they all?). But The Jersey Momma's Boy kept asking if he could have one, so when I saw them at my local Huggables Hallmark store, I picked one up for him. I was surprised at how this little toy actually did help him, even though he just wanted it because everyone else had one.

image via Unsplash, I. Dooley

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Do Fidget Spinners Really Help Kids?

I can't speak for every kid, but I can speak for my own. My kiddo worries about everything. I wouldn't rely on a fidget spinner to cure-all, but I have to admit that it really does help. His typical anxious times are before school, bedtime, and homework time. I found that when he used the fidget spinner around these times, it kept him from dwelling on his worries, and helped re-focus his mind. He doesn't bring his fidget spinners to school, and I know there is debate about how helpful they are for kids in a classroom. I can see how they'd easily become distracting if kids are using them the wrong way. But maybe if we remind kids that they are tools and not toys, we can find a happy medium.

Our Favorite Fidget Spinners

Here are some of my favorite fidget spinners from Amazon. And in case you were unaware, I am an Amazon affiliate, so the links below are my affiliate links, which basically means I earn a tiny percentage from them. That's it. So don't be afraid to click on the links.

Be aware that you can find fidgets in your local stores, too. Dollar stores sell them, but they disappear quickly! The quality varies on fidget spinners- many of them are from China and the design can be poor. I've recommended some of the better ones below, but be sure to read reviews and shipping times for anything you purchase on Amazon.

Balai Fidgets

The Balai fidgets come in a variety of colors and are a decent price (under $5). The cons are that they take a while to ship and they aren't the best quality. Many of these fidgets come from China and the constant spinning wears on them. Sometimes the bearings pop off (but you can still spin them). But my kiddo loves the color varieties and I love the price.

Chillax Fidgets

If you're looking for durability, then the Chillax spinners are a good option. They don't come in as many colors as some of the cheaper brands, but they are definitely more durable. The company also offers coupon codes if you check the description on the Amazon sale page. These fidgets are about $19 each but the manufacturer swears they will refund or replace if you are not 100% satisfied.

EpochAir Fidget Cubes

Fidgets aren't always flat! The fidget cubes are cool because they are small enough to fit in your pocket. So that means you can fidget without anyone even noticing. Even adults might like the idea of carrying this into a doctor's office or a job interview (in your pocket, of course). The EpochAir cubes are around $8, but you can find different versions all the way up to $15.

VMate TriFidgets

The VMate fidgets are similar to the other flat fidgets out there, except they come in unique shapes. The six-pronged one is our favorite, especially because of the little silver balls on it. My only gripe about the trifidgets is the price (around $15 PLUS a shipping fee). But the unique shape might make it worth it for you. They are in high demand, so shipping times are also slow.

FidgetKool Silent Spinners

These FidgetKools are neat because they are so small (like the cubes) so they can fit in your pockets. They're also supposed to be really quiet (although I think all of the fidgets are quiet) so you can jangle it around without attracting too much attention. It's also a good option if you have a kiddo who likes fidgets, but maybe gets bored of the flat ones. The price is right at $7.99, too!

So these were our picks for fidgets but you have to find the one that's right for you. And remember, check your local stores for them first. You might find better prices, and it's always nice to try them out in person. But when all else fails, use my handy dandy Amazon affiliate links!  Happy fidgeting!


  1. I had no idea there were so many options for fidgets! I've only seen the top style.

  2. These have been all the rage... I'd be interested to try the cube one, looks interesting.

  3. My daughter is dyyyyying for one of these!! I had no idea that there were so many different options though. How to choose?

  4. Hahaha these things are everywhere here in WNY!!! My daughter is a tad bit too young for them, but I sorta want one for myself lol


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