Awesome Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Are you on the hunt for Easter basket items? Looking for some new ideas instead of candy this year? I have some fun finds for you, and they won't cause cavities!

The invisible internet sheriff insists I tell you that I received some free items to help me write this blog post. But you know what? I wouldn't be writing about these items if I didn't love them, and I wouldn't recommend them to you if I wouldn't fill my own Easter basket with them, so rest assured, I stand by my suggestions! Now, on to the fun...

Peeps Chalk

It's no secret that we love chalk. Not only will we decorate driveways with chalk around here, but The Jersey Momma's Boy has been known to adorn log piles, trees, sidewalks, even car tires with chalk! So what fun it was to find these Peep shaped chalks! Perfect for little hands, they couldn't possibly look any cuter in an Easter basket if they tried. I also liked that they were good quality chalk pieces. We've purchased other shaped chalks before that tend to crack pretty quickly or have dull colors. Two thumbs up for these! Peeps Chalk is made by Little Kids, Inc.

Grow Your Own Peep

I am not a huge fan of Peeps as food, but I sure do love to play with them! I usually prefer crafting with them, but the Peeps toys from Little Kids, Inc were really clever! They were kind enough to send us this Grow Your Own Peep, which is super cool because STEM toys are all the rage these days (STEM are toys that have to do with Science Technology Engineering Math - get it?). So this little set comes with its own container and will 'hatch' a Peeps bunny or chick, just by adding water!

Jelly Belly Bubble Wand and Bubble Clip

Bubbles are a staple in any Easter basket. They sell them in just about every size and shape, from wands to wheels to miniature bottles. But have you ever seen a jellybean shaped bubble container? Isn't it the cutest? Not only that, but they are scented bubbles! They smell like Very Cherry Jelly Belly jellybeans. AND this one has a clip on it, so you can take them on the go with you, to the park or school or whatever, right on your backpack or diaper bag!

Even the wand is jelly bean shaped!

If you prefer the standard bubble wand, then maybe you'd choose the Jelly Belly bubble wand stick. It comes in a variety of colors and scents. The one pictured above is banana scented! You can find them on the Little Kids website or use their store locator to find a location near you.


I first came across Fluffables at Toy Fair NY and I totally fell in love with them. Don't believe me? Check out my post, 15 Fun Finds at Toy Fair NY and see for yourself! Anyway, Fluffables are DIY little fluffy friends. You start with a squishy 'naked' critter that fits in the palm of your hand. Using the handy tool and the fluff they supply, you slowly add hair (fur? fluff?) to your critter until he's no longer naked! They're perfect for little hands and you can fluff and trim their hair when you're done. We created a few of these guys and I loved watching them come to life (I did one on my own, without The Jersey Momma's Boy, and I found it therapeutic to keep popping the fur tufts into its little body). They even come with a mystery accessory- could be eyeglasses, a mustache, you just don't know what you're gonna get! Fluffables are made by Orb Toys and I swear they are my favorite toy of the year (I need to create my own award or something, don't you think?).

There are all kinds of Fluffables available. You can choose your favorite on the My Fluffables site. Orb Toys was kind enough to send us Sprout (the rainbow kitty above) and Pumpkin (below). But I have my eye out for Kiwi. You'll have to go to the site to see him yourself. The Jersey Doggy also took a special liking to Pumpkin here. Can you see him sniffing the box?


I must admit, I was skeptical about Morph, which is another product of Orb Toys. There are so many sculpty type toys on the market, I thought, 'how different could this really be from all the rest?' In fact, many people who saw my photos on Instagram said, 'it looks like kinetic sand.' Guess what? It's nothing like kinetic sand! It doesn't feel like kinetic sand and it certainly does not make a mess like kinetic sand. Morph comes in a variety of colors. It never dries out (never!). It is not grainy or crumbly (some pieces might flake off but you can just stick them back to the any larger pieces quite easily).

The more you kind of pull and knead Morph, the fluffier it gets. I totally didn't believe it could get fluffier, but it did. And again, therapeutic, I tell you! Just keep pulling and kneading that stuff and you'll see what I mean:

Morph also floats and bounces! Who knew, right?

LEGO BrickHeadz

You can't go wrong when it comes to LEGO. Pretty much everyone loves them, but they can be pricey. What I love about these new BrickHeadz are the small size (the rectangular box fits in the palm of your hand, so they're perfect for Easter baskets) and the price. They are about $9.99 each, and they even come with a little baseplate with the series number on it. Just for the record, internet sheriff, LEGO did not supply me with this Brickheadz for my post. This Beast Brickheadz is actually mine, purchased at my local LEGO Store. So there.

Sago Mini Plush

I've written about these Sago Mini Plush friends in different articles because I just love them so much. The Sago Mini small plush gift pack comes with four plush characters (based on their adorable apps for preschoolers), so if you have to fill more than one Easter basket, it's a great deal! Not only are they super cute, colorful and soft, but the box they come in transforms into a playhouse and storage box. Seriously!!

Zoey and Sassafrass

Zoey and Sassafrass is an adorable new book series by Asia Citro. There are three books in the series and they are the perfect size to tuck into an Easter basket. Not just for boys, Zoey and Sassafrass tells the story of a remarkable young girl who has the ability to see fantastical creatures, and treat their ailments, too! It's not easy being a doctor for such unusual creatures, I assure you!

And in case you're stuck for egg-filler ideas this year, here's my handy dandy chart of Easter egg choices:

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

And here are my Amazon affiliate picks for Easter, too!


  1. These are awesome ideas. If I would've seen that Grow a Peep in the store I certainly would've picked it up! Maybe it isn't too late to order it online. Side note: my husband LOVES peeps but I have to buy them like a month in advance and stab holes in the package so they get stale. LOL!

  2. These are all such neat ideas! I love that you actually tried out the Fluffable yourself. I bet your kids love that you're trying out more toys now!

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