Easy Overnight Stuffed French Toast

Sunday, December 24, 2023
If you're looking for an easy stuffed french toast recipe, look no further! This is a recipe that I make every Christmas Eve to enjoy Christmas morning, but it's good any time of year and tastes amazing. Plus it's easy, easy, easy! You know I'm all about the ease.

This is such an easy, delicious recipe, so Pin it for later, trust me! 

What You'll Need:

-8 slices cinnamon swirl bread (I used Pepperidge Farm brown sugar cinnamon swirl)
-8oz. cream cheese
-4 eggs
-1/2 cup milk
-3 Tbsp sugar
-syrup or fruit for toppings (we prefer syrup, but to each his own!)


1. Spray a glass baking dish with cooking spray (I used a 9x14 glass baking dish but you can use a smaller one as long as your bread slices all fit). 

Yup, they fit!

2. Take your cream cheese out to let it soften a bit, then mix in a small bowl with your sugar until combined. 

3. Spread cream cheese mix onto 4 slices of cinnamon swirl bread and place in your sprayed baking dish (cream cheese sides up).

4.  Spread any remaining cream cheese/sugar mixture onto four more slices, then place them on top of the slices in your baking dish (essentially forming cream cheese sandwiches!).

5.  Whisk eggs and milk in a small bowl, pour over bread.

There are bits of cream cheese in my egg mixture because I used the same bowl for the eggs that I did for the cream cheese.

6.  Cover with saran wrap and refrigerate overnight. 

7.  Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until lightly browned. Slice each sandwich diagonally and serve with syrup or sliced fruit. Makes 4 servings.  

Click HERE for a printable version of this recipe!

You can cut off any eggy edges after the french toast is done baking


The longer you let the french toast soak, the better it seems to taste, so don't be afraid to make it early evening the day before.

Experiment with different bread types and flavors. We tend to like thinner varieties of bread, but some people prefer the opposite.

Remember you can cut off any 'eggy' edges if you don't like that on your french toast.

If you like less filling in your stuffed french toast, just use less cream cheese when spreading. You can always save any extra cream cheese spread to use on toast or other breakfast treats at a later date. 

This also makes a great brunch dish for guests and smells great baking in your house!

This recipe was adapted from the original by Kraft! They have some wonderful easy recipes on their site so be sure to check them out. 


  1. This does look easy to make and so delicious. I like it when I can do the prep the day before.

  2. Yum! This sounds delicious! My boys love french toast, and they also eat that cinnamon swirl bread a lot. Combining the two with cream cheese is perfect!

  3. This look GLORIOUS! And my kids love, love french toast. We'll be trying it :).

  4. I've never made stuffed french toast before. This looks so yummy!

  5. Fruit or syrup...either one sounds like a great choice for this delicious looking french toast! Thanks for linking up to the Creative K Kids' Tasty Tuesday - I can't wait to see what you create next week!


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