Fun Halloween Projects: Candy Corn Kids

Wednesday, October 5, 2022
If you're looking for a fun and easy project for Halloween, look no further!  Candy Corn Kids are easy to make, cute, and make a great decoration in a classroom or home.  Check out my quick tutorial on how to make your own!

If you're a teacher, look how cute these are outside your classroom!

That candy corn kid in the top row looks awfully naughty...

Really, though, you don't need a classroom to make these.  You can just make one at home, too:

You Will Need:

1 piece of 9x11 orange construction paper
1 piece of 8x10 yellow construction paper
1 or 2 pieces of 9x11 white construction paper
glue stick or scotch tape
markers or crayons for decorating
scissors, pencil


For this project you will need three parts:  a large white triangle, then the middle parts, which are an orange center and a yellow bottom.  In my classroom, I made a pattern of a triangle (with a rounded top) for students to trace.  I always made my patterns out of oak tag (do they call it that anymore?  Whatever, it's heavy paper, like cardstock).  If you're making patterns for a classroom, I usually make three or four of each so the kids can share them, and I write on the pattern what each one is for (yellow, white, orange).  You can make the triangles any size  you want, but bigger is better for little hands.  To make the yellow and orange parts of the candy corn, just cut one of the triangles in thirds.  You will not need the 'tip' of the triangle, just the middle and bottom.

If you're making these at home, draw and cut out two triangles of the exact same size on white paper (make the edges of the triangle rounded like a candy corn).  Then cut one of the triangles in thirds.  Discard the tip of the triangle you cut in thirds.  You will only need the middle and bottom.

Candy Corn Kid patterns, labeled
Man, is that my wrinkly hand tracing a candy corn pattern?  Ick!
Step 1.  If you're in a classroom, use your patterns and trace the bottom piece on yellow paper, and the middle piece on orange.  If you're at home, use that triangle that you cut in thirds.  Trace the two bottom pieces onto yellow and orange paper.

Trace the bottom of the triangle on yellow paper.
Trace the middle of the triangle on orange paper.

Step 2.  Cut out your pieces and lay them on top of your white triangle so you can see how the candy corn will look.  Save your scraps from the orange construction paper!

Step 3.  Cut four identical strips from the leftover pieces of your orange construction paper.

Orange strips can be any width you like.

Step 4.  Fold each orange strip accordion style to make the candy corn kid's arms and legs.

To fold accordion style, just keep folding the strip back and forth on top of itself.  

Step 5.  Glue or tape the orange and yellow pieces to your large white triangle.  If any white edges show, just trim them off.  You can also use tape but glue does last longer!

Step 6.  Glue or tape the arms and legs onto the back of the candy corn kid.

The arms and legs look best if you attach them on the back of the triangle.  

Step 7.  Add a face to your candy corn kid!  You can glue items on or draw your face with markers.  The choice is yours!

Candy Corn Kid with a Kawaii cute face!

You can also use leftover pieces of the white construction paper to make eyes, too.  And remember, they don't have to be perfect!  It's okay if the pieces don't line up right or if the arms and legs are uneven.  Each Candy Corn Kid is unique!  Happy Halloween!


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