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Monday, March 14, 2016
Minecraft can be all-consuming for kids. I'm a gamer myself so I know that too much gaming is just no good. You've got to find a healthy balance! So I discovered some great Minecraft books for The Jersey Momma's Boy to read outside of his gaming, and then we even created some cool Minecraft Shrinky Dinks, too. Reading was such a big hit that we even reviewed some more Minecraft books and hosted a giveaway on my Facebook page.  So what haven't we covered yet?  How about Minecraft Comic Books?

The authors of Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, ZackZombie Books, contacted me a while back and asked if we would read their awesome book in exchange for an honest review (which we gladly did and you can read about that here).

We loved the book so much that we purchased the remaining books in the series all on our own (you can find all of these books through my Amazon affiliate links below).

These are the first three books in the series, but there are more!

Minecraft Comic Books for Kids

The fine fellows at ZackZombie Books (you can find them on Facebook) sent us the first two books in their graphic novel series, too.  These are comic books at their finest!  The first is called The Ultimate Minecraft Comic Book (you can purchase it through my Amazon affiliate link at the end of this blog post).  The second is Steve and the Swamp Witch of Endor.  There is a third (not pictured) called The Wither Attacks, and a fourth entitled Battle of the Titans.

The books are large in size, soft cover and full color.  They are written in comic book style, so there are speech bubbles and panels to follow along with the story.  The Jersey Momma's Boy hadn't been exposed to many comic books and really enjoyed the style (although I did have to show him how to read it).  He liked reading each little panel while he viewed the pictures.

The other thing you'll notice right away (and this bothered a select few of the young reviewers on Amazon) is that the characters are not 'blocky.'  I really liked the fact that Steve was not a blockhead and that the Minecraft characters were depicted as real drawings. The Jersey Momma's Boy love, love, loved that Steve's best friend was Piggy (and that Piggy even had his own diamond armor). That's because The Jersey Momma's Boy's best plushie friend just so happens to be Piggy, too. See, here he is, making his internet debut:

Piggy!  You can see that he is well loved.

Are The Minecraft Comics Scary or Violent?

The comic books contain the same characters that the game does (zombies, witches, withers- you know, your standard mobs!).  So if your child is not frightened by them in the game, then they should be acceptable here, too.  I appreciated that the authors did not show graphic detail in each mob- they weren't overly frightening and were not bloody or gory in any of the scenes (see how in the photo below you can only view the zombie's feet?).  In fact, very young readers might find the storyline scarier than the actual characters, since Steve's dad tends to go missing a lot.

The back cover of the first comic book gives you a good idea of the story and illustrations inside.
The back cover of Volume 2
Important to Note

Keep in mind that these comics, as well as the other Minecraft books I've reviewed and mentioned, are primarily self-published and are not affiliated with the official Minecraft name. I don't think this makes them any less wonderful, but it needs to be noted in case you think these were all created by the folks who brought you the game.  Most of the people who write Minecraft books are fans just like you and me.

More Minecraft Fun

Don't forget to check out my post about Minecraft Shrinky Dinks if you want to try your hand at crafting something for real.  Get it, Mine-craft?  Ha ha!

And, if you want to purchase any of the Minecraft books, comics or toys that I mentioned in this post, please feel free to use my Amazon affiliate links below.  That would make me so happy!


  1. Ahh! We love Minecraft here....
    My girls both have Diary of a Minecraft Zombie on their list off books they want to read...

    1. It's an awesome book series, Kim! My son loves it (and I actually think they're pretty funny, too). I'm going to be giving away one of the books from the series on my Facebook page, so keep a look out! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Great review! I'll have to check this out for one of my grandsons.

    1. Thanks! Maybe you'll like them, too, Rebecca! And I CAN'T believe you have grandsons! Who knew?

  3. Kids in my 7 year old's class love Minecraft. So does my 8 year old nephew. I bet they will all love the Minecraft comic books.

    1. I'm sure they will! Thanks for stopping by, Theresa!

  4. Minecraft is so popular! I love the little pig, too!

  5. I am curious to see if my kids will be into Minecraft. They are both under 2.5 so they are still a little too young for it, but it almost seems inevitable these days that if you have kids, they will be into Frozen and Minecraft.

  6. My son is obsessed with Minecraft right now, and he would love to make those shrinky dinks! (we made some pokemon ones awhile back and they were a huge hit)

    1. They're great for rainy days!Pokemon ones would definitely be fun, too!

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