Let's Visit Brookhollow's Barnyard in Boonton Township, NJ!

Monday, September 25, 2023
Planning a day trip in New Jersey is easy if you just know where to look! One of our favorite outdoor trips for kids is Brookhollow's Barnyard.  Nestled among the trees in cozy Boonton Township, it's sure to hold fond memories for you, long after your children have grown.

**This post has been updated for 2024! Please check Brookhollow's website or call ahead for exact hours and visiting info. 

Just to note: this is not a sponsored post, just one momma's honest review! I update all of my posts year after year, so please Pin for future reference!

What is Brookhollow's Barnyard?

Brookhollow's Barnyard is a family-run petting farm.  Kids can feed and touch different farm animals, but that's not all!  There are plenty of toys and activities for children, too.  Read on to find out what they offer!

Where is Brookhollow's Barnyard?

The Barnyard is located in Northern New Jersey, not far off of Rt. 287 in Boonton Township. Check out their website for exact location and directions.

What Can I Do at Brookhollow's Barnyard?

There's so much to do at this little farm!  You can purchase a little plastic bucket filled with veggie pieces (usually carrots) and a plastic shovel. Kids can feed the animals with their little shovels and keep their special buckets when they go home. You can purchase carrot refills for the bucket, too. For an additional small fee, you can ride a mini 'train,' too. Check on their website or call ahead to see what activities will be available for your visit.

There are lots of animals to meet and feed.  You'll see goats, sheep, bunnies, cows, horses and more. But the Barnyard offers more than just feeding the animals!  Kids can also explore and play when they visit. Here you'll find (*and note that availability is subject to change- this is what was available when we visited, so be sure to check ahead for this year's offerings):
  • a cow 'train' you can ride (usually on weekends or busier days- it wasn't running when we went during the week. Small fee required)
  • tractor rides
  • pedal tractors that kids can ride
  • sandboxes with mini diggers and trucks
  • a life-size playhouse with play items inside
  • a G-scale train that runs through a small flower garden with bridges and water

What Ages Will Enjoy Brookhollow's Barnyard?

In this momma's opinion, the Barnyard is best suited for kids ages 6 and under.  But it all depends on your child.  If you have a real animal lover on your hands, they might enjoy visiting the farm for many years.  It depends on what you and your children enjoy.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Brookhollow's Barnyard?

Please check the Brookhollow's Barnyard website for the most accurate pricing and ticket availability. Note that their events sell out quickly so don't delay if you want to attend one of those!

When Can I Visit?

Brookhollow's Barnyard is open seasonally from late April/early May to October.  Check their website or Facebook page for exact hours!! In December, they usually open as a "Cut Your Own Tree" farm, but there are no animals during this time.  They also have a pumpkin patch for picking in the Fall. Visit their website for more details about what they offer seasonally.

Jersey Momma Tips

*Brookhollow's Barnyard offers camps, special events, birthday parties, field trips and more.  Check their website to see all of their events and offerings.

*There's not a lot of walking but you are outdoors, so wear comfy shoes.

*You can bring your own food for lunch or snack but they ask you not to feed any outside food to the animals  

*There are dirt paths but strollers should do fine on them.  There's nothing too rocky or extreme.

*See the photo below?  Do you see how grumpy The Jersey Momma's Boy looks?  That's a result of bees. Yes, The Boy had a bee fear and he was not happy by some of the yellow jackets flying around on this warm Fall day.  If you have a little one who is not fond of bugs, just remember you're at a farm!  It's not overly buggy, but you might encounter some yellow jackets here and there.  The Jersey Momma's Boy was fine, and just needed to stop all that sulking!

The Jersey Momma's Boy was a big grump in this picture!

* Bring hand sanitizer to clean the kiddos' hands after touching the animals.

*If you're looking for places to eat, you can drive into the town of Boonton for local eateries.  Or if you're willing to drive a little further outside of town (maybe ten minutes or so), The Red Barn in Towaco is a cute place with yummy food!


  1. Great review! We just went today and had a wonderful time. I think it's important to add there are NO bathrooms on this site. Just one port-a-potty outside of the entrance area.

    1. Good to know, thank you!! I will add that to the post. Glad you had fun otherwise!


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