What is Greenberg's Train and Toy Show? A Jersey Momma Review

Monday, December 28, 2015
You've probably seen the ads or received postcards in the mail for Greenberg's Train and Toy Show.  It is held a few times a year, usually in the NJ Expo Center or the Garden State Exhibit Center (two different places, mind you, and I always confuse them!).  And if you have a little train lover (or even a big train lover) in your house,  you might wonder what this show entails.

We have been to the Greenberg Train and Toy Show several times over the years, and each time we go it's a little bit different.  So just a disclaimer to let you know that what I describe here might not hold true for every show.  What I can tell you about the show is just what it's like, in a nutshell, but keep in mind that each show might feature different vendors, attractions, etc.

Mr. Jersey Momma helps the boy get a better look at the trains.

What is The Greenberg Train and Toy Show?

The Greenberg Train and Toy show is exactly what its name implies.  It's a show featuring model trains, toys, cars, etc.  You can find out what they are all about and view a short video of one of their shows on their website.  Their show is mainly featured on the east coast and if you miss them in the beginning of the year you can usually catch them at some point again, since the shows occur more than once throughout the year (check their schedule page).

What Will I See at The Greenberg Train and Toy Show?

First and foremost, you'll see a lot of vendors.  They don't just sell model trains.  You'll also find RC cars, slot cars, those mini flying helicopters, toys, vintage toys, train memorabilia, Thomas the Train items, and more.  I love seeing the vintage toys and old Hot Wheels/ Matchbox cars.  Prices are reasonable and it is a good place to shop for unique gifts for car, train and toy lovers.  I once spotted an awesome vintage Weebles set here that I considered buying for my sister.  I've also purchased unique Pixar Cars, as well as replacement Pixar Cars (mini Guido and Luigi) that my son had lost (they sell EVERY Pixar Cars character you can imagine!!).  When The Jersey Momma's boy was very little, we also bought some cool Thomas the Train goodies, including magazines, cups/bowls, and some unique wooden Thomas characters that we had never seen before.

The Jersey Momma's boy watches some trains go round and round!

What Can I Do at the Greenberg Train and Toy Show?

Well, besides shop, your activity choices may vary from show to show, depending on what time of year you go.  Always check their website for exact activity information.  During the times we have gone, my son (who visited from the ages of 3-5) enjoyed seeing the model train displays, the slot car races, and the mini train ride.  Keep in mind that the mini train ride (which is not a real train but one of those trains on wheels) costs a few dollars extra.  Here's a crummy picture of it, but you get the idea.  During warmer months the train ride might be held outside in the parking lot.

It only rides around a few times, but the Jersey Momma's Boy seemed to like it...

I enjoyed the show the first few times we went, but as my son got older and we had already visited several times, he got a little bored with it.  If I went back again, I might actually go without him so I could shop for future gifts. Isn't it sad how fast kids grow up?  Enjoy it while you can!!!

How Much Does Greenberg's Train and Toy Show Cost?

One of the great things about this show is its low entry fee and free parking.  As of the publication date of this entry, kids under 11 are permitted in free.  Pre-ticket prices (purchased online) are around $7 (a little higher if purchased at the door).  If you get on their email or mailing list, they will offer discounts, so keep an eye out.  They also sometimes offer discounts on their Facebook page or their website.  Your admission fee usually gets you into the event for both days of the weekend.

Jersey Momma Tips

*The show can get crowded, so like anything, I recommend going early, when they first open.  Check the website rules about allowing strollers- they might have restrictions on them.

*Depending  upon where the show is held, food is not always available.  I know one year we went and they did have snack/food vendors, and another year they didn't.  There are diners and other places to eat off of Rt 287 if you want to plan ahead about where to have lunch/dinner.

*Pay careful attention to where the show is held!  Throughout the year it is held at either the Garden State Exhibit Center or the NJ Expo Center.  These two places are very similar and not far apart (one is in Edison and one is in Somerset). Do you know one year we went to the wrong  venue?  Drove all the way there only to find it was at the other location!  So just take note of that before you visit.  I personally prefer the NJ Expo Center.  I think it is a little larger and closer to home for me, driving-wise.  But to each his own!

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