A Robot Birthday Party and Robot Party Favors

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
The Jersey Momma's boy is a big fan of robots.  He specifically loves the movie Wall-E and all of its crazy characters, so when he asked if he could have a Wall-E Robot themed birthday party this year, I thought, why not?  If you recall, we had an Art Themed Party for his 5th Birthday, and that was a huge hit!

I put together a whole party for The Jersey Momma's Boy in our basement, complete with robot games, activities and crafts.  I didn't think all of the kids would know who Wall-E was, since the movie came out in 2008, so most of the games were named after Wall-E but were more just robot themed.

Robot Party Favors

Out of everything I planned for the party, I am most proud of the favors.  Party favors can be expensive, especially if you have 20 or more kids attending the party.  Even if you try to keep each favor under $5, you're still looking at almost $100 for favors!  That's crazy!  So I searched around Pinterest and saw some cute ideas for home-made party favors, like these snack robots from Charm and Whimsy.

And might I say that Charm and Whimsy threw an amazing robot party (from the pictures I saw on her site, anyway).  Anyway, I thank her for inspiring me to make my own favors.  This is what I came up with!

You Will Need:

In order to make a robot party favor, you'll need:

-a pencil sharpener (head)
-pencil topper erasers (arms)
-small container of "fun dough" (like an imitation Play-Doh)
-google eyes

I made 24 of these guys for less than $10 total.  Yeah!!  I bought the pencil sharpeners and eraser toppers from the dollar store (they were sold in multipacks, so I only needed one pack of each - it was awesome).  I bought the fun dough in the dollar section of Target.  They were sold in packs of 4 for $1, so I bought six.

Assembling Your Robots

The Jersey Momma's Boy actually helped put all of these robots together.  He picked out the combination of colors and I just glued everything together with a hot glue gun.  He was way more creative than I was, and came up with the idea of giving some of them one eye instead of two:

Adopt a Robot 

We were just going to have each child "adopt" their own robot at the end of the party and pick the one they wanted as their party favor, but we wound up making them part of a game during the party.  One of our game stations was "Wall-E's Bottle Cap Pick Up," since Wall-E collected trash in the movie.  Each child used a magnetic wooden dowel fishing rod to pick up bottle caps (which also had magnets glued to them). At some point the Jersey Grandpa figured out that the tops of our favors were magnetic (because of the pencil sharpeners).  So we changed the bottle cap game to "Wall-E's Robot Rescue."  Each child had to "fish" for a robot using their magnetic pole (a wooden dowel with a magnet hot glued to the end on a string) and they got to keep the robot they rescued!  Such fun!

Other Robot Party Highlights

The Jersey Momma is fortunate to have a sister with an alter-ego of her own.  My sister runs The Pirate Cupcake (you can read all about my adventure on her truck here).  So she came to our party in her fabulous truck and served the yummiest cupcakes ever, as well as ice cream.

And she also made this incredible GIANT cupcake just for The Jersey Momma's Boy.  It was delicious.

Maybe I'm biased, but I think it was the greatest party ever.  :)

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