PLANET SNOOPY Review in Dorney Park - Allentown, PA

Monday, September 23, 2019
Wondering if Planet Snoopy is worth the money, or if it's right for your little one? We're venturing out of the Garden State again, this time to explore Planet Snoopy inside of Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Who doesn't love Snoopy? The absolute cuteness of this park will make your heart melt.

*this post as been updated for 2019!

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post (which means Dorney Park and Planet Snoopy didn't give me anything for writing this, nor did they ask me to visit or blog about my experience. I paid for my tickets just like you, and I'm sharing my honest thoughts, 'cause that's what I do).

Check out my review below to see all of the awesomely cute rides and attractions inside Planet Snoopy!

Great Pumpkin Fest (Open Seasonally)

Dorney Park may be known for its Halloween Haunt, but did you know they also have the ultimate fall festival, The Great Pumpkin Fest, specifically for the younger crowd? Families and kids can participate in a collection of scare-free Halloween activities for kids presented by the PEANUTS™ characters like mask making, a petting zoo with farm animals and more. It's all included with your admission to Dorney Park during the fall. Events are held during the day in the Wildwater Kingdom section of the park, so young kiddos will not have to worry about coming in contact with the Haunt creatures of the night! Here's what you'll find at Great Pumpkin Fest 2019 (see their website for detailed descriptions of activities, and stay tuned for updated info for 2020):

-Charlie Brown's Craft Corner
-Daisy Hill Tractor Stomp
-Linus Hay Bale Maze
-Lucy's Lucky Chance Games
-Peppermint Patty's Petting Zoo
-Trick or Treat Street
-Pig Pen's People Washer
-Character Meet and Greets
-Schroeder's Silent Disco

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Great Pumpkin Fest Shows include:

-Charlie Brown's Pirate Adventure
-The Great Pumpkin Stage
-Sally's Costume Contest
-Franklin's Spooky Dance Contest
-Balloon Art Show

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Where is Planet Snoopy?

Planet Snoopy is part of Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  It's easily accessible from Rt 78- so easy, in fact, that you can see it from the highway.  It's very exciting for the little ones when you catch sight of the roller coasters and Snoopy's head off in the distance.  It costs about $15 to park for the day (as of the publication date of this entry).  The only positive is that the parking lot is fairly close to the park entrance. You won't need to take a tram, shuttle bus or airplane to actually get to the park.  Another positive is that Planet Snoopy is located right on the edge of Dorney Park, so as soon as you get into the park, just head to the left and you'll find Snoopy's giant arch welcoming you.  

What's Inside of Planet Snoopy?

It's just oozing cuteness!!  There are 16 rides in Planet Snoopy, as well as a live show, a souvenir shop and food stands.  The rides range in speed and intensity, so check out their website and signs before each ride to see if they are right for your child.

The park is adorable with its bright colors and characters everywhere.  Snoopy and his friends visit the park throughout the day, and there is a little show they put on for the kids in an outdoor theater with dancing and music.  This picture was from a few years ago, but you can see how cute and interactive the characters are!

There are slow rides and fast rides.  One of my favorites was Snoopy's Rocket Express, which takes you for a slow ride high above the park.  You can see everything and it's very peaceful! Sadly, that giant blow-up Snoopy pictured below is no longer in the park, but there are plenty of other things to see.

Check out the cute spinning Flying Ace Balloon Race- it's fairly mild and fun!

My son's favorite ride by far was the roller coaster known as Woodstock Express. We rode this TEN times. Yes, TEN. Not in a row, but TEN times total. And I must say that it's a pretty fast roller coaster for such a small ride. Adults can ride it but it's made for kids, so if you go along with your little one, be prepared for some jostling. You can also buy a souvenir photo of yourself on the ride when it's done. 

There are some great photo opps in Planet Snoopy. They are also open weekends in the Fall, so you can get some cute Halloween-themed pictures with your favorite characters (but just know that Dorney Park itself is covered in monsters and zombies at that time of year, especially after dark!).  

Food and Souvenirs

The food within Planet Snoopy is adorable, too. It changes each year, but one year the kids' meals were in little cardboard doghouses. You could also buy a giant plastic Woodstock or Snoopy drink cup/thermos (it was 13.99 for us a few years ago), with free refills throughout the day. Seems like a lot, but it makes a cute souvenir.

A plastic straw pops out of the top of the hat!

The gift shop has a variety of cute Peanuts items in it. Snoopy fans can't miss this, as there are t-shirts, mugs, stuffed animals, key chains (and more) that you can't find anywhere else. We also made one of our favorite flattened pennies here. We make these whenever we see a penny machine, and we have a special book to keep all of them in.  They make great little souvenirs!

How Much Are Tickets for Planet Snoopy?

*Just to note, tickets to Dorney Park and Planet Snoopy differ off-season or during their seasonal events. Ticket prices during the summer and on-season are usually higher. So if you are purchasing tickets for The Haunt or The Great Pumpkin Fest, please check their website for the most accurate pricing. 

 All tickets provide entrance to Planet Snoopy, Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. There are varieties of packages and deals you can purchase online, so check their site for specific details. Please check their website for accurate pricing info, and follow them on social media for discounts and promo codes!

 Jersey Momma Money Saving Tips:

*Online ticket pricing is a little cheaper, so your best bet is to purchase there.  You'll also avoid purchase lines at the gate. You do have to pay a processing fee for buying online, but your total cost will still be less than buying at the gate. You can save a few bucks by purchasing their 'pick a date' ticket, which must be purchased 48 hours in advance of your visit (if available, online only).  

*They sometimes offer early bird prices (before certain dates in June) and discounts to Seniors, so check all of their info before purchasing. They offer food packages and other deals, so find what's best for you!

*Coupons are available at select Dunkin Donuts, but you can't use the coupon online, so the discounted online prices are still better than the coupon turns out to be.

*Some towns sell theme park tickets at discounted rates. Check into your local recreation department to see if they offer this option. It might be cheaper than the online price if you're lucky!  

*I also once found a local Costco selling discounted tickets. If you happen to be near a Costco, you might want to inquire, as I don't know if they do this every year or not.


*food is expensive in the park (isn't it always?).  They say you are not supposed to bring food in, but we saw people with very small collapsible coolers eating inside the park. But do this at your own risk because it's not really within their rules!  

*each guest is permitted to bring one sealed water bottle within the park but they will make you throw out other drinks or a bottle that has been opened and refilled (like one that has a Crystal Light lemonade in it or something)

*even though we pre-purchased tickets, we still had to wait on line for a security bag check.  But it went quickly and the guards were polite.

*it's up to you whether or not you want to venture outside of Planet Snoopy (it's all connected, you just walk through). Just know that Dorney Park is a favorite of teenagers, especially the water park area. Most teenagers seem to stay out of Planet Snoopy. Planet Snoopy usually remains pretty calm with short, quick lines (if any). But you CAN wander into the park if you have older children with you or if you think you want to visit some other rides. One year we wandered out to hit the train rides. The Zephyr is very unique and my son loved it. 

The Zephyr train ride inside Dorney Park

*There really isn't any stroller parking outside of the rides in Planet Snoopy, so you kind of have to just leave your stroller parked by the curbs.  I wore a very unfashionable fanny pack to keep my money in, so there were no valuables left in the stroller.  

*I avoid crowds at all costs, so I tend to do a lot of my day trips during the week.  I don't know what crowds are like on weekends, but I always suggest getting anywhere as early as you can.  

*Check out the Planet Snoopy website for ticket prices, hours and descriptions of rides. 

All in all, when it comes to cost, you have to remind yourself of this: your child is only this young once. There is a small window of time to visit a place like this, before it becomes too 'babyish.' So in my mind, I save up my money for the right moment, I cut corners when I can (okay, I admit that I even skipped lunch in the park to save a few bucks- I just had a pretzel) and I basically just suck it up. I think, in the end, it's worth it to see the smile on my child's face and to make some amazing memories. But you'll need to decide that for yourself.

Disclaimer:  I was NOT compensated in ANY way by Dorney Park or Planet Snoopy, nor was I invited to visit.  I'm just sharing my review with you because that's how I roll.  I did, however, pick out some cool Snoopy items to share with you through my Amazon affiliate links below.


  1. I had a reader ask me about height requirements on rides. Each ride varies but older siblings can ride with younger ones if they meet the height requirement. Adults can ride on all of the rides with their kids except the helicopter ride (and they can't go in the bounce house, but they can sit outside in the viewing area!).

  2. This looks absolutely amazing and I am disappointed that they don't have a Snoopy theme park here in the UK! If I ever manage to go to the USA I will be looking out for this!

    Thank you for linking up to the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

    1. Thanks for visiting, Laura! We are definitely lucky to have Planet Snoopy over here. Don't you guys have the Thomas theme park? Or is that in Germany?

  3. Such fun for the little ones! Great review.

    1. Fun for us adults, too! Thanks for visiting and always being so supportive, Rebecca!

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