Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Robot Birthday Party and Robot Party Favors

The Jersey Momma's boy is a big fan of robots.  He specifically loves the movie Wall-E and all of its crazy characters, so when he asked if he could have a Wall-E Robot themed birthday party this year, I thought, why not?  If you recall, we had an Art Themed Party for his 5th Birthday, and that was a huge hit!

I put together a whole party for him in our basement, complete with robot games, activities and crafts.  I didn't think all of the kids would know who Wall-E was, since the movie came out in 2008, so most of the games were named after Wall-E but were more just robot themed.

Do-it-Yourself Robot Party Favors

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Cookie Decorating Workshop with Sweet Dani B

Have you ever been to a cookie decorating workshop?  Sounds appetizing, right?  Actually, I love anything titled a 'workshop' because I get an immediate picture in my head of little elves or Santa or something.  But add the word 'cookie' in there and I'm DEFINITELY in!  So come with us for one of the best cookie decorating workshops around, with none other than Sweet Dani B herself.