The Best FRESH Pineapple Snack Ideas for Kids: Easy Back to School Snacks

Friday, September 11, 2020
Searching for some fun snack ideas for fresh pineapples? I was amazed when I tried to find kid-friendly pineapple recipes, because most of them contained cream cheese (which some kids can be picky about) or called specifically for canned pineapple. Canned pineapple is okay, too, but I really wanted to come up with something fun for fresh pineapple. Truly, it's best eaten plain, and I think kids agree, but if you're hoping to jazz up your pineapple snacking a bit, check out what I came up with! They're perfect for lunch boxes, after school treats or snacking during remote learning sessions.

Disclosure: Del Monte Fresh provided me with an assortment of  fresh Honeyglow®  Pineapples, avocados and plantains in order to come up with some fun recipes for you, but I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

I've teamed up with Del Monte Fresh to bring you some fun, healthy snack recipes for kids. They sent me three gorgeous Honeyglow® Pineapples, which are their trademarked variety. You can use any kind of fresh pineapple for these recipes but the Honeyglow® were really divine and I had never tasted anything quite like them. Look at the beautiful golden yellow color, too!

Pineapple Kabobs for the Win

One of the easiest ways to 'jazz up' your pineapple snacks is to serve them as finger foods. Present them on a tropical plate or platter by cutting up fresh pineapple and making mini skewers or kabobs. Cut pineapples into chunks and use a toothpick to layer fresh pineapple and ham. You can even add cheese or pickles! They fit perfectly in a snack box, Bento box or lunch box, too. If a ham/pineapple combo is not your favorite choice, try these other skewer ideas by adding:

-melted chocolate
-other fruits such as grapes or strawberries
-pound cake

Freeze and Enjoy Pineapple Ring Pops

Most pineapple is delicious on its own, so I was hesitant to try freezing it. But if you happen to have a very sweet pineapple, or even excess pineapple that you don't want to go bad, try making some frozen pineapple ring pops! Cut pineapple into desired shapes (rings or thin chunks) and use a lollipop stick or flat tipped skewer to spear the pineapple. Freeze for about an hour on parchment paper and enjoy! I was pleasantly surprised how yummy these were. They reminded me of the frozen fruit pops you can buy in the supermarket.
*Note that the pineapple does not get rock hard like a fruit popsicle. It still remains semi-soft (at least it did in our freezer), so it was safe for biting. 

Small Batch Pineapple Spread

If you're up for making something a little more exciting without too much fuss, try this Small Batch Pineapple Spread. It's kind of like a jam (but does not need pectin or pressure canning). It's great to spread on crackers or cookies (graham crackers are best). There's a printable version of this recipe below!

You Will Need:

4 cups fresh pineapple cut into chunks (about the size of one medium/large pineapple)
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice (I only used 1 Tbsp for my one pineapple)
1/2 cup sugar (you can use up to a cup if your pineapple is not very sweet)


-Put all of your ingredients into a medium sized pot and bring to a boil.
-Reduce heat, simmer for about an hour, stirring occasionally or till most of the liquid is evaporated.
-Remove from heat. Cool.
-Mash pineapple with a potato masher (or a small blender). You won't get the fruit entirely smooth, but try to get it to bite sized chunks. Let sit.
-The natural sugars in the fruit will help it to thicken as it cools. It will be slightly watery, but should be a good enough consistency for dipping or spreading.

For a printable version of this recipe, click here!

Be on the look-out for my other fresh snack idea posts featuring Del Monte produce, coming soon!

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