Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is a Legoland Theme Park Coming to New York?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about a proposed Legoland theme park opening in New York state. If that's true, New Jersey residents would have a real, live Legoland about an hour away! So, what are the details? The Jersey Momma has the low-down for you!

photo from Legoland Deutschland  Photo cred: Vlad Shteltz

Legoland New York is a proposed theme park at the moment. They are currently awaiting approval to begin construction in Goshen, New York. They hope to get their approval within the next two months (as of the publication date of this entry).  Once approved, they hope to complete the park by Spring, 2019.

Photo from Legoland Billund

Once construction is complete, they plan to offer the seasonal (April-October) Legoland park and a 250 bedroom hotel.

Photo from Legoland Billund Resort

Within three years time, they hope to add a 35,000 square foot aquarium. The hotel, aquarium and school programs would then be open year round.

Photo from Legoland California Sea Life Aquarium, Photo cred: Mliu92

You can find out more about Legoland New York by following them on Facebook, or stay tuned to The Jersey Momma for updates!