Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

If you're looking for a fun and easy craft that you can do at home with your little ones, check out this Thanksgiving turkey wreath idea. It makes a cute decoration for Thanksgiving dinner, and constructing it can keep the kids occupied on a rainy (or cold!) day. There's not much to it and you can easily cut corners by taping down the pieces instead of gluing. It also makes a cute gift to give to someone, especially a teacher. You can jazz up the turkey, too, with clothes or a name across the belly.

What You’ll Need:

-a paper plate
-glue stick
-construction paper in brown, orange, yellow and green

For the Wreath

Start by cutting the center part out of the paper plate, so it looks like a steering wheel or a donut.  Cut the construction paper into 5” strips (two strips of each color).  Color the paper plate brown with crayons.  Curl each paper strip with the end of a pencil.  Glue the strips to the back of the paper plate, forming the “feathers.”  (hint:  if they don’t stick, you can cheat by using some tape!).

For the Turkey

Cut out a pear shape on brown paper for the turkey’s body.  Cut out a small yellow triangle for his mouth, and a red teardrop shape for his waddle.  Use remaining brown scraps for wings. Glue each piece down with a glue stick and draw eyes with black crayon.  Glue turkey onto bottom of paper plate (again, you can cheat by using tape on the back if your turkey won’t stick to the plate!).

For the Legs

Cut two strips of yellow construction paper, about six inches in length.  Fold each piece accordion style, then unfold and glue to the bottom of the turkey (again, I'm all about the tape if it saves you some frustration. Even staples would work!).

We taped (of course) a rubber band to the back of the turkey to serve as a hook, but you can also tape him to a window or tie string around the top of the plate to hang him.  

Now you’re ready for a terrific Thanksgiving with all the trimmings!


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    1. You're a sweetie! Thanks, Christine! And thanks for hosting us all!