Let's Visit Profeta Farms Organic Farm and Farm Market in Readington, NJ!

Monday, May 6, 2019
Profeta Farms in Readington, New Jersey, is an organic farm and farm market unlike any I have ever seen before. I had driven by many times while the market was being built and I wondered what it would be like. I also heard great things about their traveling food truck ('try the burgers!' everyone said), so I really wanted to stop by, but I never had the chance. You might be thinking the same thing, so let me tell you what this farm is all about and why you need to get there!

I'm proud to feature Profeta Farms as part of my Local Business Spotlight. I hope you'll consider them for your future needs, along with the other businesses featured on my Local Business Spotlight Page.

Disclosure: I was given a behind-the-scenes tour of Profeta Farms in order to bring you this post, but was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own!

What is Profeta Farms?

Here's a little blurb right from their website that describes what Profeta Farms is all about: 

"Profeta Farms’ mission is to improve the health of our community by growing a variety of foods using common-sense organic farming practices, resulting in nutrient-dense foods, and to provide high-quality foods to the community through a single local, organic, responsible source."

In plain and simple terms, Profeta Farms is bringing old school farming back in a new way (common sense = blending modern techniques with old world principles). Their goal, in a nutshell, is to create a farm that "not only adheres to, but goes above and beyond the standards of USDA organic certification."  And I can tell you after touring this amazing farm and market, they're doing it!!  I'll explain more in a minute. For now, take a look at what the farm market looks like from the outside.

Profeta Farms has a wide range of organic products for purchase in their on-site farm market. Much of what they sell is their own, and if it's not, they do their best to source locally- but everything is organic. If it's not organic, it's not in the market! When the doors opened and I stepped inside, I was completely blown away. I had no idea all of this was under one roof.

A hydroponic herb garden wall greets you when you enter Profeta Farms Market

Inside Profeta Farms Market - you can find just about everything!

Inside the Profeta Farms Market

You can find just about everything in Profeta Farms Market. I'm going to take you on a little picture walk so you can see the market for yourself. I honestly had no idea they offered so much in this market. I had driven by a hundred times and assumed it was a typical  "farm market." In my head, I pictured produce and maybe some meat and dairy items. This was a complete market (organic milk, house-made butter, organic snacks and packaged items, a fresh floral department, drinks, jams, jellies, and more). Not only that, but everything here is organic. The majority of items are made in-house, produced or raised on their farm, or grown here. If it's not, it's sourced locally, and usually labeled as such.

Fresh floral department
Produce and Produce Items
Poultry, Meats and Pork can all be found here - raised at Profeta or labeled if from a local organic source

Smokehouse freshly cooked sandwiches and meals, plus tons of side dishes to go!
Profeta Farms even has their own professional Cheesemonger! Samples available daily.

Freshly baked in-house organic breads, flatbread pizzas, pretzels and more

Amazing salads, hummus, cheeses and more to go

Outstanding bakery items! Pies, cakes, cookies, brownies and more

House made ice cream, including vegan options!

I thought about writing a million things to describe the market and everything that was in here, but I really think the photos speak for themselves. Within a few hours of posting just some of these photos on my Jersey Momma Facebook page, I had thousands of people viewing them!

Grab a Bite to Eat

Although you can't sit inside Profeta Farms to enjoy some lunch or a snack (they are not zoned for dine-in food service), you can eat at one of the picnic benches outside, or grab some to-go items (stop here for homemade organic ice cream!!). I enjoyed the fried chicken sandwich (it was amazing) and my photographer Sabrina loved the pulled pork (I don't know if their smokehouse menu changes, but if either of these items are available when you visit, we highly recommend them!).  There are also cheese boxes you can grab to go, in case you're visiting one of the local vineyards not far from the farm! *I also came back to edit this post and add that they have a full coffee bar, too! Grab your morning pick me up here!

We sampled a lot of different items throughout the market (staff members were all courteous and friendly, and more than willing to give available samples). The ice cream was delicious (I'm not a huge fan of coconut but I loved the vegan coconut raspberry). I purchased the Profeta Farms strawberry jam and have eaten it every day since! Also excellent were the hot pretzels, and many of the cheeses (I bought a chunk of Keepsake Cheddar that was AMAZING). I can also attest to the delicious breads and desserts. Two thumbs up for the brown sugar blondie, the monkey bread danish and the country white sliced bread!  Gift alert! You can also purchase gift cards to Profeta Farms (hint, hint Mr. Jersey Momma).

monkey bread danish

fried chicken sandwich

pulled pork sandwich

Profeta Farms Tour - Greenhouses and Hydroponics

Shannon and Katie from Profeta Farms were kind enough to welcome me (and my fab photographer, Sabrina) on a behind-the scenes-tour. Shannon provided the in-house tour while Katie took us in the Gator on a driving tour of the farm itself (note that you can take a similar tour, too, and I highly recommend it! Read on for details). Katie showed us some of the 400 acres of property surrounding the market. How quickly the noise of the highway disappeared! We were swallowed up by the quiet calm of the beautiful farmland around us. Take a look at some of the things we saw...

Bluebird nest boxes to aid in insect control (since no pesticides are used here)
Beautiful greenhouses preparing for the season ahead!

The hydroponic greenhouse! Have you seen the odd purple glow from the highway? It's the light source!

Livestock at Profeta Farms

We saw incredibly healthy and happy looking pigs and chickens at Profeta (they also have cattle but they are kept at their dairy farm in Pennsylvania). The livestock here is held to the same high farm standards- they're actually fed organic food, too, as well as some of the leftover organic food from the market.

From the Profeta Farms website (and from Katie's description, as well), "We are uncompromising in our animal welfare standards. Our cattle, pigs, and chickens are always treated humanely and are able to express their natural behaviors outdoors on pasture, without restriction. In accordance with organic certification regulations, we use no antibiotics, hormones, or GMO feeds with our animals..."
Happy, healthy pigs and chickens, with lots of room to roam 
Honeybee hives (the bees not only make honey, but help to pollinate the fields) and happy sows

Public Tours and Events at Profeta Farms

If you want to take your own tour of Profeta Farms, check out their website for public tour dates and events.  One of the quotes from the Profeta Farms website says, "We are transparent about our farming practices, so you know where and how your food is grown, raised, harvested, and processed, leaving you confident in the food you eat..."  We had a specialized tour for this post, so yours won't be exactly like ours, but you'll still get to see some of the amazing things that we did. They also offer private tours, scout tours, field trips, and other public programs for you to enjoy.  If you happen to have Ms. Katie as a tour guide or leading your event, you're in for a treat! She's a delight.

A Note from The Jersey Momma

One of the main things I took away from this whole experience is how important it is to know where your food comes from. I was a skeptic at first ('is organic food really worth the price?' being my main question). But then I saw the work and effort that Profeta truly puts into growing quality, better for you foods from the soil up. I could see the healthy livestock with my own two eyes (a massively far cry from the horrific animal abuse videos I've seen on television from so many meat and egg suppliers in our nation). I could see the green vegetables growing at my feet, with no pesticides, no GMO's, no false methods altering them. Honeybees flew from their hives to help pollinate the plants nearby. Bluebird nest boxes were situated throughout the farm to aid in insect control (we even saw some of the eggs!). So much attention to detail at this farm, so much importance placed on how food is grown, how animals are raised. So is organic food really worth the price? Now I can answer you with an emphatic yes- this organic food certainly is. Listen, I get it. I have a family, too, and I know how expensive it is to feed them. But when you stop to think about what we're consuming, what we're putting into our bodies on a daily basis, isn't this worth it? Aren't they worth it? Maybe I sound like a magazine ad, but it was really eye-opening for me. If you don't feel the same after reading this post, I urge you to take a tour of Profeta Farms yourself, and see if you feel the difference the same way I did.

You can visit Profeta Farms, too 
 (tell them The Jersey Momma sent you!):

Profeta Farms
803 U.S. 202 South 
Readington, NJ 08853

NO attention to detail is lost in this market!

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