LEMYKA Skincare for Sensitive Skin : A Jersey Momma Review

Thursday, October 13, 2016
Being a blogger comes with some perks, and one of them is trying new products and telling you what I think about them. The nice people at LEMYKA Skincare contacted me to see if I would be willing to test their lotions and washes, so I thought, why not? The Jersey Momma's Boy has very sensitive skin, and I, myself, have very dry skin, so I was pleasantly surprised to see just how well LEMYKA'S products worked for us. If you're looking for a high quality, natural, organic solution for skincare, then read on to see what LEMYKA is all about!

I originally thought LEMYKA was just for infants, but the representatives of LEMYKA told me that wasn't the case- they are great for anyone looking for natural skincare. I'll be honest- I have tried other baby products before for myself and The Jersey Momma's Boy (who is 8), but they really were for babies. By that I mean they smelled like baby products, the consistency was more for babies, and The Jersey Momma's Boy instantly said, 'This smells like babies!' He's pretty sensitive about stuff like that. But LEMYKA really is for anyone.

LEMYKA Natural Healing Lotion

We received free samples of  LEMYKA'S Natural Healing Lotion and LEMYKA Natural 3-in-1 Gentle Shampoo and Wash. Let's start with the lotion. I needed something that would help with dry, itchy skin, especially in the winter. My kiddo is very sensitive to smells (he doesn't like anything overly flowery or anything, obviously, that 'smells like babies.' ). His skin has also been known to react to certain lotions (he has broken out in a rash from different sunscreens, so I am careful about which brands I choose for him). LEMYKA'S Healing Lotion boasts that it is:

  • toxin free
  • parabin free
  • steroid free
  • fragrance and dye free

I can tell you that it was scentless, non-greasy, and smoothed in beautifully. I was a little dismayed when I first saw the size of the bottle. I thought it was small- 2oz is their full-sized bottle. But you know what? A little goes a long way! All you need is a small dab to moisturize, so don't let the size of the bottle fool you. It worked wonders for what I call my 'elephant skin.' My fabulous summer of sun and pool-time left the skin on my legs a little weathered. I joke that it looks like elephant skin. But one little dab of this lotion smoothed out the dry skin almost instantly. I am looking forward to using it on The Jersey Momma Boy this winter, when he gets particularly itchy skin on his arms and legs.

LEMYKA Natural 3-in-1 Gentle Shampoo and Wash

I love, love, love the idea of this wash- that it's a shampoo, wash, and moisturizer all in one. That's super helpful when dealing with infants and kids! The first thing The Jersey Momma's Boy did when he tried it in the tub was smell it (I told you he was sensitive!). He didn't smell anything 'icky,' and that made him happy. It lathers up beautifully and leaves skin feeling soft. On top of that, it is entirely natural. Just take a look at the label below!

We actually share this wash now- I use it in the shower (and again, just a dab goes a long way and makes a nice lather). I love that it is fragrance free and doesn't leave any residue on our skin.

LEMYKA Shampoo and Wash. And yes, that's a rubber duck piggy.

So just as a disclaimer, I received free LEMYKA products in exchange for an honest review, but that in no way influences what I share with you. These two products have become my new favorite things. I use them both every day on The Jersey Momma's Boy and myself. 

You can purchase your own LEMYKA skincare items right on their website. They also make sunscreen, calming cream, and hydrating cream. They say their products are wonderful for eczema and healing irritated skin, so if you are looking for a natural product to help with some of these issues, I urge you to give them a shot! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information about their products.

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