Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, May 8, 2017
Mother's Day gift ideas are more challenging every year, aren't they? What does one get for the mom who has everything? If you're having trouble finding a gift for that wonderful mom of yours, check out my list of ideas to honor the best lady in your life!

Experience Gifts

Moms not only love gifts, they also love experiences. If you're looking for a unique Mother's Day gift this year, why not try booking a special date with mom? Bring her somewhere fun or try a special experience together. One of my favorite local places to do this is The Paint Party Studio in Flemington. You can either pick a date yourself or let Mom pick the date or painting that you'd like to do together. Check out my post all about The Paint Party Studio and see how it works! Trust me, you don't need to have painting skills to go! If you're not from New Jersey, then find a local paint studio near you. It's a great reason to go!

The Paint Party Studio in Flemington makes a great gift idea for Mom!

Another fun experience is Dream Dinners, also in Flemington (if you're not in New Jersey, they do have other locations around the country and in Pennsylvania). You can reserve a date with mom to create and assemble your own meals! Or purchase her a gift certificate so she can schedule her own date. Be sure to read my post all about the Dream Dinners experience. It's so much fun and I'm now a regular customer there myself.

Taking Mom to Dream Dinners would be a blast!

Sweet Gifts

Does your mom love chocolate as much as I do? Why not seek out the best of the best, or some unusual chocolates for mom? Enjou Chocolat in Morristown makes the best chocolate bars (my favorite version of a 'healthy' chocolate bar). From ginger orange peel to edamame, they have a collection of gourmet chocolate bars that shouldn't be missed! You can read my review of Enjou Chocolat's orange ginger bar here.

Enjou Chocolat's Orange Ginger Bar

Family Portraits

Do you have a newborn at home? Or a baby that made your mom the best grandma ever? If you've never given Mom a professional photo of your family, maybe now is the time! I was never fond of family photos until I spent some time with Sunny Bunnies Portraits. Check out what my experience was like and why I think family portraits are a must! And then maybe plan a little photo shoot in mom's honor! If you don't have a newborn or would rather have a different kind of family shot, then find the photographer that's right for you!

Professional photos make nice gifts for mom, too!

Salon or Spa Visits

It might seem cliche, but you can't go wrong with a good spa visit or salon experience as a gift! If your mom is not one to pamper herself, then read my post about Why Me Time is Important, and see if some of my tips can convince her! Or go see the gals at Tru Salon + Spa in Branchburg or Warren. They really helped me feel more comfortable and I loved my whole experience there.

Spa or salon visits are always a favorite gift for moms

Dinner Experiences

It's about time someone took Mom to dinner, so why not pick a really cool place- something fun, something different? Places like The Melting Pot and Yo!Sushi offer diners a unique experience. You'll see what I mean if you read my post about my visit to Yo!Sushi with its cool conveyor belts. There are other fun dining experiences around our state- think about Medieval Times (extreme, I know, but some moms like that kind of thing) or even waterfront dining (The Chart House in Weehawken is my favorite).

Yo!Sushi is a fun dining experience for anyone.

Show Tickets

My mom loves seeing shows but sometimes it's hard for us all to venture into New York, especially if we want to bring The Jersey Momma's Boy. One of our favorite local theaters is the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown. Easy to get to, simple to park at, there is usually something in the Mayo Center's line-up for everyone. We have seen everything from children's shows to rock concerts there! Check out my review of one of the Mayo Center's shows and you'll see what I mean. It's a great place to go for a night out, or an afternoon matinee!

A photo from one of the many shows we've seen at the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown

Natural Fun

Does your mom love the outdoors? There are so many fun things to do in nature. Think outside the box and visit some places that mom might never have thought of herself. How about planning a trip to Bluebird Farm Alpacas in Peapack? This is perfect if mom loves to knit or if she loves adorable animals! This is one of my favorite little farms in New Jersey and you can read all about it here. Just remember to plan accordingly, as they are not always open to the public. Check their event calendar or reserve a time to visit!

My favorite little alpacas from Bluebird Farm Alpacas in Peapack

If you're not able to visit the farm, you can also buy some of their awesome alpaca fiber items as a gift for your mom! Check out their online shop.

alpaca fiber soaps from Bluebird Farm Alpacas

Handmade Gifts

There are so many cute gift ideas out there, sometimes it's hard to even choose the right one. Two of my favorite craft gift ideas are the Chalk Sand Art project and the Salt Dough Memory Stones that we've made. Both gifts are easy and fun, and they make such nice keepsakes! Check them out and see for yourself. You can also view an entire post I wrote about the best handmade Mother's Day gifts here.

Salt Dough Memory Stones

What do you like to do for your mom on Mother's Day? Or, if you're a mom, what kinds of gifts do you like to receive? Feel free to comment below! We could all use some good tips!


  1. I would take any of these gifts but my favorites are the "Experience gifts".

  2. All of these are wonderful and any mom would love. You know, I have never been to an actual spa, maybe that should be my Mother's Day gift this year <3 Thanks for sharing <3

    1. I haven't either, Kimberly! I've been to the salon but not really a spa itself. I'm not sure I'd know what to do there! lol

  3. I would LOVE to go to the spa for mother's day but I truly love the handmade gifts even more. I save every hand print piece that my 3 year old makes at pre-school.

    1. I could go for a combo git- how about a handmade gift AND a trip to the spa? lol You're right, though, the handmade gifts are one in a million and so special!!

  4. Great ideas! Family photos and family experiences are always top on my wishlist for gifts!

  5. So many good ideas here! Some sweets and a trip to the salon to get my hair cut would top my list!

  6. Me, too, Stefanie! Both at the same time! Lol

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