All Aboard The Pirate Cupcake Truck!

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Being The Jersey Momma comes with lots of perks.  One of them is having a sister who owns The Pirate Cupcake truck.  I was so excited when my sister bought an ice cream truck. This ice cream truck (affectionately known as 'Clyde') was destined for greatness.  He was to become 'The Pirate Cupcake Truck,' serving cupcakes and ice cream at parties and events!

When I first met Clyde, he looked like this (well, without the white walls; he acquired those later on):

The Pirate Cupcake truck before his transformation was complete!

Everyone already loved him, and he was able to attend a couple of parties before his final transformation:

Party time!  Pre-transformation!

With much determination, planning and help from cool friends, Clyde made his final transformation and became a butterfly.  He became...THE PIRATE CUPCAKE TRUCK!!  


So what's The Pirate Cupcake truck all about?  Well, visit The Pirate Cupcake website to find out all about it and see all of the awesome cupcake flavors (my personal favorites are the Joe Vanilla and the Strawberry Shortcake).

photo courtesy of the Pirate Cupcake
photo courtesy of the Pirate Cupcake
The Pirate Cupcake truck can be hired for your next party, wedding, or private event.  Some other cool facts?  The cupcakes are totally NUT FREE, so if you have concerns about allergies, you needn't fret.  You might also choose to serve ice cream at your event, and in that case, The Pirate Cupcake can dish out some of the yummiest ice cream you've ever tasted- homemade from OWowCow in Pennsylvania.  Just check out these babies:

Ice cream cookie sandwiches from The Pirate Cupcake and OWowCow                       
Last night I was invited to tag along and help serve ice cream at a birthday party with the Pirate Cupcake.  I had a blast!  Just seeing the smiling faces of the kids as they ran up to the back of the truck was enough for me.  The adults had just as much fun as they posed for pictures and asked us to play our ice cream music again and again.  Although I must admit it was a little torturous to pass out all of that delicious ice cream and not eat any of it.  But I'm weak like that.

We were also lucky enough to have the Pirate Cupcake truck at The Jersey Momma's Boy's 6th Birthday party (which was robot themed.  You can read all about that here).

I would love The Pirate Cupcake even if my sister wasn't the driving force behind it (literally).  I adore the idea of something this fun and unique at a party or event.  These days it's hard to even find a real ice cream truck anywhere, let alone one this cute that serves cupcakes, too!

*You can currently find The Pirate Cupcake at the Stangl Market in Flemington on Saturdays from 9-3, or visit the Pirate Cupcake Facebook page for more information.


  1. Great review! I definitely want one of those ice cream sandwiches!


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