Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The NeverEnding Story Returns to Theaters for a Limited Run!

For the first time in three decades, The NeverEnding Story is returning to theaters for a limited run. Yup, you heard me. You have another chance to see Atreyu, Falkor, and even the dreaded Gmork on the big screen once again. Scroll below to see where you can find it in a theater near you!

And in honor of this special occasion, I unearthed some old friends...

I received The Auryn as a gift from The Childlike Empress. No, actually, it was from my sister for Christmas. But a girl can pretend, after all. I've heard that the real one now belongs to Steven Spielberg (but I choose not to believe that because it kind of takes the magic out of things, doesn't it?).

I wish I could tell you where she bought it, but it came from a craft fair so I'm not even sure who the fabulous artist is.

And then there's my favorite old copy of The NeverEnding Story by Michael Ende. I must've read it about twenty times over the years. I don't know if you can see it from the photos, but my book is so old and has been read so many times that the pages are yellow around the edges.

I sure did love you, Atreyu. I loved you when you were Boxey in Battlestar Galactica and I had a notebook with your picture on it in first grade. And you, oh, Childlike Empress, I wanted to be you, because you were beautiful and magical and, well, Atreyu worshipped you.

Noah Hathaway, a.k.a. Atreyu, all growns up. Photo cred: Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

If you, too, want to relive this magic and grasp just a small piece of the person you once were, check below to see where The NeverEnding Story will be playing near you!

The NeverEnding Story in theaters Sept. 4th and Sept. 7th, 2016, in select theaters and states. Click here to buy tickets or here to find a theater near you!

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