Friday, August 5, 2016

Tetherbox Review: What's Inside?

Subscription boxes are so much fun! Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail? Now you can send a special care package to your favorite college student, thanks to Tetherbox.  Tetherbox is a subscription box service specifically for college students.  Find out what's inside a Tetherbox in today's blog post!

What is Tetherbox?

Tetherbox is a subscription service where college students can receive a box of goodies monthly, geared primarily for them. It was created by parents of college students, and they partnered with 'student ambassadors' around the country who helped them figure out what to put in each box and what college kids would enjoy.

How Does Tetherbox Work?

Tetherbox is fairly simple to use. Log on to their website and choose what kind of box you'd like to send (a box for a boy or a girl) and how often (you can choose to send it by semester or monthly). You can pay right online and you don't have to ship anything yourself. Tetherbox does it all for you!

What Kinds of Things Are in a Tetherbox?

We received a sample Tetherbox to try, and even though I'm not in college anymore, I was super excited to find the package in my mailbox (see, who doesn't love receiving packages??).  Here's what you can expect from a Tetherbox. It arrives as a cute little white sturdy box, and when you flip it open, it looks like this inside:

Everything is neatly packaged with a welcome letter, some decorative paper, and a descriptive list of each product included.

My Tetherbox contents
A list of what's inside your Tetherbox

Here's a detailed look of what was in the box. There was an energy drink called Shark, which was pretty tasty and offered a nice jolt, especially if you're not a fan of coffee.

And a package of Extra chewing gum:

Karmic Nature lip balm was also tucked inside:

And some barbeque potato chips from Jackson's Honest. It's nice to see some of these quality brands instead of typical junk food! These were yummy.

The last two items were my favorite in the whole box. First, a bag of 240Sweet s'more flavored marshmallows. These were AMAZING! Who knew marshmallows could be so good?? I am totally bookmarking them for future gift ideas.

240Sweet marshmallows were amazingly yummy
Next, this gadget, a portable charger that you can just throw in your bag. You can charge your phone anywhere with this little sucker!  So cool. (**note: since writing this article, I take this charger EVERYWHERE. It was soooo helpful to me at the Fancy Food Show in New York. I never had to stop at the charging stations, not even once). 

My slightly blurry shot of Tetherbox's portable charger. 

How Much Does Tetherbox Cost?

As of the publication date of this entry, prices for a Tetherbox subscription range, starting at $28 and up, depending on how often you want to send your Tetherbox. Check out their pricing page for the most current costs. They are constantly offering coupon codes and deals, so be sure to sign up for their email list or check out their Facebook page for the latest offers.

The Jersey Momma's Final Thoughts

Tetherbox sure saves you a lot of time and effort if you want to ship something nice to a college student. You don't have to go to the post office, find a box, find items to send, etc. It's all done for you. Shipping costs can be high if you try to ship something yourself these days. It's nice that the cost of shipping is built into the price of Tetherbox so you're not paying anything extra for that.

The items in our Tetherbox were unique and cool. I had never seen any of the brands before and they were good quality items. I liked that Tetherbox made an effort to find items that college kids could really use, and not just junk food they could pick up themselves at a convenience store.

A subscription box service specifically geared towards college students is a unique idea. There are plenty of subscription box services out there, but this one seems to be in its own genre and I really dig that (wait, is it uncool to use the word 'dig?').

And lastly, who doesn't love a good care package? It's so hard to choose gifts for kids nowadays. And if you're tired of always giving them an Apple gift card, well then, Tetherbox is a cool alternative. Not that there's anything wrong with Apple gift cards, of course. But you know what I mean.

You can find Tetherbox on their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Tell them The Jersey Momma sent you!

Disclaimer: I received a free Tetherbox in exchange for an honest review, but what do I always say? I'm as honest as you can get! If it was terrible, I promise I would have told you so. ;)


  1. I would have loved this when I was in college. Wish they had all these kool subscriptions when I was younger!

    1. I know, right? I was a commuter in college and I still would have loved a box like this. I was always on the go (or stuck in traffic! lol).

  2. I hadn't heard of this subscription box before. I would like the lib balm and my husband would be into the barbecue flavored chips. : 0 )

  3. How cool! That portable charger is a great idea for college kids!

    1. That thing is awesome! I use it all the time now!

  4. This is cool. I know how much I enjoyed getting mail in college! Heck I still enjoy getting mail!

    1. I know, right? I would love to receive a package like this, too!